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Permanent Monitoring Industrial Ethernet

To secure industrial networks, use active and passive monitoring tools to detect vulnerabilities and optimise performance. Combining these methods helps implement a comprehensive and effective permanent monitoring system.

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Permanent Monitoring of Industrial Ethernet networks

In today’s connected industry, it is crucial to ensure the security and efficiency of industrial networks. Permanent network monitoring using active and passive network monitoring tools help detect and prevent security vulnerabilities, reduce downtime, and optimise performance.

With a combined approach of active and passive monitoring, you can proactively and reactively monitor your network. This allows you to implement an effective permanent network monitoring system.

Product Offering

Unlock the secrets of your industrial network

Atlas is an active network monitoring device that provides valuable insights into your industrial network’s health, allowing you to identify potential issues before they become problems. In addition, the passive monitoring tool EtherTAP provides further insights by monitoring actual network data over time.

The EtherTAP also serves as a bridge between the network and the Osiris network diagnostics and troubleshooting software. Osiris, EtherTAP allows for in-depth network analysis, real-time data visualisation, and detailed reporting. With this powerful combination of tools, you can ensure your industrial network is operating at its best.

User benefits

  • Cost-effective solution for monitoring mixed architecture networks
  • Accelerates troubleshooting by analysing and visualising real-time diagnostic data
  • Allows remote monitoring through a user-friendly web dashboard
  • Prevents network crashes through accurate fault-finding capabilities
  • Simplifies maintenance by fusing results of multiple Atlas units into one overview

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