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Control Network Audits

 A comprehensive network audit will give you an insight into all the problem areas within your system. This is an extremely effective way of preventing breakdowns and downtime from occurring, unnecessarily costing industry inordinate amounts each day.

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Delivering High Performing, Resilient and Secure Networks Through Industrial Network Audits

Our certified engineers can carry out a thorough industrial network audit to determine any weaknesses or security vulnerabilities that exist. We will use this detailed information to help you stabilise and secure your network and then prioritise and plan the move towards a stable and managed network.

Control Network Audits

At IDX, we have a professional team of enthusiastic and qualified support engineers with many years of experience in the field. We provide a holistic approach to help you design, deploy, and manage your network infrastructure.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to conduct installation and operational tests to ensure your specifications are met and performance is in compliance with governing standards.

Technologies that we support

PROFIBUS • PROFINET • AS-Interface • Modbus RTU / TCP • CAN (CANopen, J1939) • Ethernet/IP • DeviceNet • OPC •  Foundation Fieldbus • CC-Link

Benefits of auditing your network

Network Insights

An audit gives insight into the current state of your network.

Minimise Downtime

Reduction in downtime and the associated lost production and costs.



Network Alerts

Receive detail on network EMC interference, risk, and corrective action.

Network Reliability

A proactive approach to ensuring your network is resilient against any interference.

Network Design

Receive detailed information on network design and expansion.

Reporting and Analysis

A detailed report issued with specific recommendations.

Our Audit Offerings


External Audits

The analysis is completed by us.

One of our highly experienced engineers will evaluate each element of your installation, ensuring all parts comply with the latest installation requirements.

On completion of the system evaluation, an audit report with all recommendations and fixes completed will be issued. Should the installation be found to fully meet the requirements a report of compliance will be issued.


Internal Audits

The analysis is completed by your company.

The purpose of internal auditing is to provide independent assurance that risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively.

Gain an understanding of how to conduct an internal audit. Learn the audit conventions for efficiently preparing, performing, reporting, and following-up. We will teach you the best practices so that you or an employee can complete an audit.

Ensuring you a stable network

Your entire network can be analysed and mapped. Let us review your configurations and make recommendations on how you can have the perfect network.

Our expertise lies in establishing, maintaining, and leveraging plant data for business benefit. Through our innovative solutions, we work alongside you to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costly downtime.


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