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IDX & Ixxat

Industrial Data Xchange (IDX) has been the distributor for Ixxat in Sub Saharan Africa since 2013 when HMS Networks acquired Ixxat.

Let IDX’s team of specialists assist you with your CAN, EtherCAT, Powerlink and FlexRay communication needs.

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About Ixxat

IXXAT is known for its hardware and software solutions for CAN, EtherCAT-, Powerlink and FlexRay.

Ixxat offers many different products for CAN, CAN FD, and the CAN-based protocols CANopen, SAE J1939, and DeviceNet.

Their products include gateways, protocol converters, CAN network infrastructure and components, CAN analysis, and testing software and hardware solutions.


Given IDX’s long relationship with Anybus and HMS Networks acquisition of Ixxat in 2013 it was logical to expand our offering to include Ixxat.  Ixxat further extends our industrial communications offering to the medical and automotive industries.

Ixxat Product Range

Analysis and Diagnostics

These powerful and multi-purpose tools are used for the development, testing, diagnostics and maintenance for system and device configuration.

CAN Interfaces

Access CAN networks with a variety of interface standards. Select the interface for your application, performance requirements, or unit costs.

CAN Repeaters

Establish a physical coupling of two or more segments of a CAN or CAN FD bus system. Used to implement tree or star topologies or long drop lines.

Smart Grid Gateways

These gateways combine functionalities from RTUs and controllers. The flexible solution for the digitalisation of distribution networks.

Industrial Connectivity Made Simple

We provide quality industrial data communication products, specialising in PROFIBUS, PROFINET, industrial Ethernet, and device connectivity. Providing exceptional product and technical support, we develop solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.


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