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Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer

Learn how to design, implement, and maintain PROFIBUS DP Networks by gaining a solid foundation in PROFIBUS International’s installation standards and guidelines.

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About the Course

Process Automation (PA) is an addition to the PROFIBUS standards family that is specifically geared for use in the Process Industry. PA can be physically complex to implement than DP and has many unique designs and implementation considerations. The PROFIBUS Certified PA Engineer Course is a hands-on, practical training course aimed at producing fully competent PA engineering personnel, with an in-depth understanding of the technology, and what is required for designing, implementing, and maintaining a well-structured and reliable PROFIBUS PA network.

Course Duration

This course is completed in 3 days. It includes a theoretical and practical aspect. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion.


Class Numbers

Due to the technical nature of this course and our desire to see a maximum pass rate, we limit groups to a maximum of 8 people.

CPD Points

You will earn 3 CPD points upon successful completion of this course.


This course takes place from our offices in Fourways, Johannesburg. Please contact us if you would like to arrange onsite training.

Course Outline and Certification

The PROFIBUS Certified PA Engineer Course uses international training material to provide an internationally recognised certification. The course provides an in-depth view of PROFIBUS PA fundamentals and characteristics with a special focus on PA network design details.

Using the demonstration boards developed by the Competence Centre, which integrate a range of standard PA devices, the student is taken through the basics of wiring an active network, analysis of the protocol changes for PA, PA network design and device selection, the application of EDD/FDT technologies, and PA application in hazardous environments.

On the third day of the course, students are required to demonstrate their level of competence by writing an open-book, multiple-choice theory test.

All who pass the test are then registered with PROFIBUS International as a Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer. Attendees that do not pass the examination may undertake a single second attempt on a date organised with the IDX Academy.


Attendees must be a Certified PROFIBUS Engineer, i.e. they must have attended and passed the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course.

It is most beneficial if the attendee has a technical qualification or good experience with or understanding of digital communications systems. Occasional exposure to cabling PROFIBUS networks has been found to be insufficient in preparing potential candidates.

Therefore, as a guideline, potential candidates must:

Have a good command of the English language

Be able to understand and interpret technical ideas and systems

Understand the basics of communications and what it entails

While the IDX Academy makes every effort to assist attendees in understanding the subject matter and associated concepts, the course time is limited and therefore the IDX Academy cannot be held responsible for attendees that fail to cope with the material covered.

World-class Training Experience

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