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As your trusted partner, our industry-savvy and qualified employees collaborate to design and implement innovative ICT solutions that enable you to discover new competitive advantages.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a company with a global focus and believe that business is about partnerships and that partnerships are about trust. As a technology innovator, we seek to employ people with a love for problem-solving and getting ‘under the hood’.

We encourage personal development and the self-motivated will find the freedom to expand and grow as they tackle the challenges; they find most fulfilling. We also believe that a balanced life-style will keep our people most productive and encourage a good work ethic.

Although we are operating in a global economy, we remember that we are part of third world reality. IDX is committed to the potential in Africa and actively invests in social empowerment programs to see the upliftment of those without opportunity.

Industrial communications expertise and related products

Custom-developed solutions for real-time mission-critical industrial IT systems


Specialist system integration services

Expert training and support related to industrial field buses and protocols

Leverage your plant data for maximum business benefit

By leveraging the wealth of digital insights available at your fingertips and embracing the power of business intelligence, you can make informed decisions with confidence – the kind that will lead to commercial growth, evolution, and a healthier bottom line.

We developed a 3-step process to help you turn data analysis from a reactive exercise into a proactive one.

Our 3-Step Process



Set up industry-ready networking solutions, identify vulnerabilities, secure networks, maintain power continuity, and ensure your facility is IIoT-ready.



Sustain your facility through data logging and visualisation tools,  remote access monitoring solutions, design systems for your facility and processes, and real-time digital views of your assets.



Capitalise your end-user experiences with custom configuration services, convenient simulation options, and advanced inventory planning and rollout management.

Our Employees

At IDX, we pride ourselves on being a progressive, forward-thinking, and pioneering company that employs people who can challenge the mundane, are cutting-edge and revolutionary. We are a small team of highly motivated people, sharing a passion for delivering innovative solutions to the challenges of industrial data connectivity.

Bruce Bean

Bruce Bean

Academy Manager

BSc. (Hons.) Computer Science and Mathematical Statistics, PROFIBUS and PROFINET Engineer

Bruce has over thirty years of experience in the consulting, information technology, project management and software development industries. His hobbies include karate, pilates, rebounding, piano and playing pool.

Dave Bean

Dave Bean

Managing Director

MEng Electrical Engineering, PROFIBUS and PROFINET Engineer

Dave has close to forty-five years of experience in the industrial information and communications technology, manufacturing and mining industries. He enjoys swimming and playing squash.

Dhashika Ramgolam

Dhashika Ramgolam

Marketing Manager

BPhil (Hons.) Marketing Management 

Dhashika has nearly twenty years of experience across the construction, engineering, fitness, mining and software development industries. Her hobbies include reading, baking, playing scrabble and watching movies. 

Jacq Botes

Jacq Botes

Software Developer

BEng Mechanical Engineering,

Jacq has almost five years of experience in the engineering, project management and consulting industries. His hobbies include fitness, music, playing video and board games, and enjoying nature while hiking.

Jared Black

Jared Black


Certificate SMME Management and Advanced Leadership, PROFIBUS & PROFINET Engineer

Jared has over ten years of experience in the banking, networking and telecommunication industries. His passions include botany, music, and spending time with family and pets.

Jehrene Phillip

Jehrene Phillip

Sales Manager

NDip. Instrumentation Systems and Automation, PROFIBUS & PROFINET Engineer

Jehrene has more than fifteen years of experience in the agricultural, automotive, FMCG, manufacturing, mining and petrochemical industries. She enjoys family time, DIY creative home projects and experimenting with food.

Kudzai Ruzengwe

Kudzai Ruzengwe

Site Services Engineer

BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, PROFIBUS & PROFINET Engineer

Kudzai joined IDX straight out of university. He has just about two years of experience at the company. His hobbies include hiking, watching cricket and spending time with family.

Phumuzile Mahlangu

Phumuzile Mahlangu

Site Support Engineer

Master in Urban Studies (Housing and Human Settlements), PROFIBUS & PROFINET Engineer

Phumi has over two years of experience in the community development and land use industries. She loves to read crime fiction novels, paint abstract pictures and partake in traditional dance.

Stella Bean

Stella Bean

Financial Manager

BSc. Physiotherapy

Stella has twenty-five years of experience in the medical industry and has worked at IDX for almost twenty-five years. Her passion includes gardening and swimming.

Veronica Mtshoro

Veronica Mtshoro

Academy and Office Administrator

Certificate in Early Childhood Development

Veronica has more than twenty years of experience in the transport and early childhood development industries and has worked at IDX for nearly twenty years. She loves cooking and spending time with her family.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have the multidisciplinary expertise, deep industry knowledge and operational experience required to maximise the success of your business. Throughout their careers, they have built relationships with an extensive network of individuals and have shared their expertise across industries, functions and geographies.

Pierre du Toit

Pierre du Toit

Continuous Improvement Consultant

Higher NDip. Operations Management

Pierre has close to forty years of experience in the automotive, engineering, financial, FMCG, health, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical and supply chain industries. He enjoys taking his dog for a walk and sporadic bouts of cycling.

Walter Chapman

Walter Chapman

Training Facilitator

NDip. Electro-Mechanics, PROFIBUS & PROFINET Engineer

Walter has almost thirty years of experience in the industrial communications and manufacturing industries. He enjoys jogging, swimming, mountain biking, participating in the occasional Sprint Triathlon and spending time with his family.

Empowered by Innovation and a desire to satisfy

We are a company with a global focus and believe that business is about partnerships and that partnerships are about trust. We offer a full range of industrial data communication solutions for demanding applications. Contact us for all of your industrial connectivity issues.

Our expertise lies in establishing, maintaining, and leveraging plant data for business benefit. Through our innovative solutions, we work alongside you to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costly downtime.


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