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Asset Optimisation and Systems Control

IDX is a digital transformation enabler. We develop industrial solutions using a blend of legacy, existing, and emerging technologies. These solutions simplify many tasks, procedures, and actions vital for production, operations, and maintenance.

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Leverage your plant data for maximum business benefit

By leveraging the wealth of digital insights available at your fingertips and embracing the power of business intelligence, you can make informed decisions with confidence – the kind that will lead to commercial growth, evolution, and a healthier bottom line.

We developed a 3-step process to help you turn data analysis from a reactive exercise into a proactive one.

Our 3-Step Process



Set up industry-ready networking solutions, identify vulnerabilities, secure networks, maintain power continuity, and ensure your facility is IIoT-ready.



Sustain your facility through data logging and visualisation tools,  remote access monitoring solutions, design systems for your facility and processes, and real-time digital views of your assets.



Capitalise your end-user experiences with custom configuration services, convenient simulation options, and advanced inventory planning and rollout management.

Establish, Maintain and Leverage Connections

Establish (Interface Disparate Systems)

IDX specialises in fully understanding data technologies, interfacing disparate systems, and enabling connections. The technologies that we use include PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CAN, Nexus, OPC, Modbus, AS-i Interface, Ethernet/IP, and DeviceNet.

Maintain (Data Logging and Equipment Monitoring)

After we establish your connection, we help you maintain it by providing a permanent and remote access monitoring solution, data logging and data visualisation system, preventative maintenance procedure, and diagnostic tools.

Leverage (Custom Applications)

This is why you establish and maintain connections! Now it’s time for you to harness the technology to its full capacity by ensuring safe operation, streamlining and simplifying processes, maximising throughput while avoiding wastage. Continuous improvement and measurement are supported by data analytics.

  • Various Nexus software and hardware products enable real-time information to flow between disparate systems, both modern and legacy
  • Specialised gateways
  • Interface between modern PLC and legacy mine-winder motor and drive sub-system
  • Interface between train control system and fire and smoke detection sub-system (railways)
  • Interface between PLC Fieldbus/industrial ethernet and GPS module
  • Interface between PLC/DCS and boiler tube-leak detection system
  • Interface between industrial scales and PLC/DCS/SCADA or custom applications that support MODBUS
  • Wireless interfaces
  • Data acquisition and control for open-cast mining mobile equipment
  • Performance monitoring of a robotic laboratory for mining samples
  • Simulator for testing logic for an offshore gas-platform ESD&FG System
  • Simulator for testing the interface between a train control system and fire and smoke detection sub-system
  • Simulator interface for operator training at a power station
  • Simulator interface for a train to test/develop IIOT solutions
  • Simulators for testing a variety of interfaces to devices that support MODBUS, J1939 and other modern or legacy protocols
  • Laboratory monitoring system for ultra-low temperature freezers and the associated environmental conditions such as power, temperature and humidity
  • Extend an existing batch system to manage more equipment and increase the complexity of the process
  • Performance monitoring of a robotic laboratory for mining samples
  • Performance monitoring for batch processes at a precious metal refinery
  • Various software tools for the maintenance and management of MIS/MES systems build using the PI ecosystem
  • Software tool to migrate time-series data from one data historian to another
  • Digitise service level reporting and analysis (done for service mix)

We create intelligent solutions that lead to refined business performance

IDX is a leading provider of specialised industrial solutions. With agile work practices targeting customer issues and a design-driven approach, we are on a mission to help enterprises and businesses in expediting their Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The backbone of any network infrastructure has become increasingly vital to ensure a secure, high-performing, and robust system. We help you ensure that critical infrastructure, both within the facility as well as via cloud-based storage and remote system access, is developed, implemented, tested, and working perfectly.

With vast experience in IoT, we design and implement end-to-end IIoT solutions to help businesses eliminate waste, reduce manufacturing cycle time, lower operating costs, improve production quality, and gain higher visibility into the industrial supply chain.

Featured Case Studies

Read some real-world examples of our ideas, technologies, and strategies in practice across a variety of industries. These case studies demonstrate how we have helped our clients overcome their business problems and grow their bottom line.

The smartest way to optimise your assets

We provide the framework and flexibility to help you optimise your plant for safety and reliability. We are the solution provider known for our ethics, expertise, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Our expertise lies in establishing, maintaining, and leveraging plant data for business benefit. Through our innovative solutions, we work alongside you to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costly downtime.


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