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Modbus is a communication protocol developed for transmitting information over serial lines between electronic devices. We provide Modbus solutions, services, training, products and network diagnostic tools.

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What is Modbus?

Modbus remains the most widely available protocol for connecting industrial devices. The Modbus protocol specification is openly published and the use of this protocol is royalty-free.

The device requesting the information is called the Modbus Master and the devices supplying information are Modbus Slaves. In a standard Modbus network, there is one Master and up to 247 Slaves, each with a unique Slave Address from 1 to 247. The Master can also write information to the Slaves. 

Modbus Solutions and Services

Industrial ICT Solutions

We specialise in industrial applications, everything from process control systems, sensor technology, and systems engineering to custom development, data acquisition, logging, monitoring, and alerting.

Control Network Audits

Identify potential threats and discover inefficiencies in your infrastructure. We take a holistic view of your network and provide suggestions for improving your network performance.

Control Network Call Outs

System failures, connectivity issues, and network latency can disrupt performance and throughput, costing you more resources. We provide standard and emergency call-out services.

Modbus Training



The course begins with an introduction to what Modbus is and its history. We see where Modbus fits in as a digital communications system and the additional flexibility of Modbus TCP.

Modbus Network Testing and Analysis Tools

Modbus Protocol Convertors

Network Assurance

We will ensure your network is up and running quickly, safely, and efficiently to minimise disruption to your environment. We also carry out testing to ensure our installed solution meets the specification.

Our expertise lies in establishing, maintaining, and leveraging plant data for business benefit. Through our innovative solutions, we work alongside you to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costly downtime.


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