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List of Certified PROFINET Engineers

Listed below are all of the Certified PROFINET Engineers who received their certification from this PITC. If you are interested in contacting a Certified Engineer, please contact the IDX Academy for a referral.

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Certificate numberNameCompanyDate completed
RSA-PNCE-00005Bruce AJ BeanIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd13 June 2012
RSA-PNCE-00003Michael Robert GarnhamIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd13 June 2012
RSA-PNCE-00004Filip PaluncicIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd13 June 2012
RSA-PNCE-00001Jonothan TemlettIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd13 June 2012
RSA-PNCE-00002Brendan GunnIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd13 June 2012
RSA-PNCE-00006Ryan CoetzeeIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd27 July 2012
RSA-PNCE-00008Marc van EeckhovenSiemens Ltd27 July 2012
RSA-PNCE-00007Dirk BeierSiemens Ltd27 July 2012
RSA-PNCE-00009Julien AppannaSasol Shared Services22 November 2013
RSA-PNCE-00011Jayia ChettySiemens Ltd18 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00014Soh MntamboSiemens Ltd18 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00013Tommie ChambersSiemens Ltd18 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00012Gary Roger WilsonSiemens Ltd18 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00010Koomeressen Tyrone NaidooSiemens Ltd18 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00018Matthew Craig BuserSiemens Ltd25 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00020Musa DumaSiemens Ltd25 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00019Muhammad KhanSiemens Ltd25 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00016Nitesh Sudesh RamdinSiemens Ltd25 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00015Ntokozo Perceverence CeleSiemens Ltd25 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00017Yoshlan NaickerSiemens Ltd25 July 2014
RSA-PNCE-00021Andre CoetserQuantasis14 November 2014
RSA-PNCE-00022Cornell SteynHigh Point Engineering & Automation14 November 2014
RSA-PNCE-00023Francis Edward HoldenAECOM SA (Pty) Ltd14 November 2014
RSA-PNCE-00024Jan Jacobus GerberLSL Consulting (Pty) Ltd14 November 2014
RSA-PNCE-00025Morne BooysensExxaro Coal14 November 2014
RSA-PNCE-00026AbdulQadir AmraSasol Infrachem24 July 2015
RSA-PNCE-00027Alvaro StorbeckBucyrus Electrical24 July 2015
RSA-PNCE-00029Kyle Hans Gerson RoosIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd24 July 2015
RSA-PNCE-00028Guy MadeleyNew Africa Control Engineering (Pty) Ltd24 July 2015
RSA-PNCE-00030Gary HendryControl Systems Integration 15 October 2015
RSA-PNCE-00031Jaco MalanControl Systems Integration 15 October 2015
PNCE-RSA-20161Evan George HannieBigen Africa Services (Pty) Ltd13 July 2016
PNCE-RSA-20162Siyabulela MafenukaMercedes Benz SA13 July 2016
PNCE-RSA-20163Tzu-Chieh KaoIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd13 July 2016
PNCE-RSA-20164Bhekani MtetwaSappi Southern Africa28 September 2016
PNCE-RSA-20165Zunaid KhanPCS Global28 September 2016
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20181-SOSean Matthew OgborneIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd10 April 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20182-JMJack MaresUnilec10 April 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20183-HDHenschel Longamo DzingwaExxaro Coal (Pty) Ltd (Grootegeluk)10 April 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20182-MFMarc FrancoisAnglo American Platinum - Corporate Office10 April 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201823Hermanus ScholtzAB-Inbev Namibia10 April 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201824Hertzog MaketeAnglo American Platinum - Corporate Office10 April 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-189925Megashlen GovenderAECOM SA (Pty) Ltd24 July 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201826Jehrene Ann PhillipIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd24 July 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201827Tebogo BapelaGlencore - Merafe Venture24 July 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201828Thavendren NaickerIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd24 July 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-18991Kabeer SewpersadABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd 17 September 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20181Blessing Sibusiso MayiselaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd 17 September 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20182Bongani ShishabaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd 17 September 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20183Barend Frederik HayesABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd 17 September 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20184Sarika BhooshunABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd 17 September 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-18995Joseph GanasenMondi Limited05 December 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201810Boikobo Adonis SikhosanaEskom Holdings Soc Ltd05 December 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201811Pavlen GovenderAnglo American Platinum - Corporate Office05 December 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201812Karabo SekanoGlencore - Merafe Venture05 December 2018
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20191Andries Coetzee CloeteGlencore - Merafe Venture25 March 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20192-TCTsungai Sydney ChimundaAnglo American Platinum - Corporate Office25 March 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20191-CSCoenraad Frederick SnymanRustenburg Base Metal Refiners15 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20192Quentin Garett LouwRustenburg Base Metal Refiners15 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20193Luthando MndiEndress + Hauser (Pty) Ltd.15 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20194Johannes Petrus van ZylGlencore - Merafe Venture15 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20195Riaan BotesPrivate Booking15 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-189911Banyatsi GaedieDebswana Jwaneng Mine31 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201912Kebenne SegotsoDebswana Diamond Company31 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201913Onkamile RobertDebswana Jwaneng Mine31 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201914Tashangana MbisanaDebswana Diamond Company31 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201915Gontse RamhitshanaDebswana Diamond Company31 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201916Krisjan BodensteinSiemens Ltd31 July 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201917Ashendran PakirySappi Southern Africa16 September 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201918Delani Lloyd NgongomaSappi Southern Africa16 September 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201919Deshan NaidooSappi Southern Africa16 September 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201920Huzafa Rajah SaibSappi Southern Africa16 September 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-201921Xolani Ray-mond CeleSappi Southern Africa16 September 2019
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20208-MGWMarius Gerhardus WassermannStefanutti Stocks E&I Division05 August 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-RFKRamsay Fungai KimuSappi Southern Africa23 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-WMWonderwell MundiwaSappi Southern Africa23 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-MZMsizi ZuluSappi Southern Africa29 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-RLRudi LambrechtsSappi Southern Africa29 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-LCLaven ChettySappi Southern Africa29 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-DKTDaryn Kyle TaylorSappi Southern Africa29 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-TAKTremaine Adrian KrishnaSappi Southern Africa29 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20209-PJMPavashen Justin MunienSappi Southern Africa29 September 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202010-CvNChristoffel van NiekerkEHL Consulting Engineers29 October 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202010-MLMarcel LiebenbergEHL Consulting Engineers29 October 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202011-KWKevin Wahl-BealEHL Consulting Engineers03 November 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202011-HJLRHendrik Johannes Le RouxEHL Consulting Engineers03 November 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202011-KMMKagiso Mcdonald MakgetaEHL Consulting Engineers04 November 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202011-LFLuan FourieEHL Consulting Engineers04 November 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202011-RKLRoy Kenneth LotteringEHL Consulting Engineers06 November 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202011-DBDolf BritsEHL Consulting Engineers06 November 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202012-TJNThabiso James NhlapoRand Water10 December 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202012-HDPHermanus Du PreezAnglo American Platinum - Corporate Office10 December 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-202012-RSRemind SamboAnglo American Platinum - Corporate Office10 December 2020
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-VINVumani Israel NhlekoSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-ABRAndre Bradley RamroopSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-DNDenvor NaickerSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-TSTrevina SewpersadhSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-SDSibonakaliso DlaminiSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-CMNChandra Munsamy NaidooSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-MTTMaynard Tanonoka TaranhikeSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-WHWarren HoughSappi Southern Africa11 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-RFKRamsay Fungai KimuSappi Southern Africa25 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20216-KVKarel VenterRajant Corporation25 June 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20217-JCJim CizekSiyanda Bakgatla Platium Mine28 July 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20218-BBBernard BaardAnglo Platinum - Amandelbult Concentrator 20 August 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20218-RvRRudi van RooyenAnglo Platinum - Amandelbult Concentrator 20 August 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20218-JPBJean Preuyt BritsEHL Consulting Engineers20 August 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20219-TSCTiyani Sydney ChaukeEHL Consulting Engineers13 September 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20219-LHLwazi HasiniEHL Consulting Engineers13 September 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20219-PLAPele Letlhogonolo AdamsEHL Consulting Engineers13 September 2021
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20221-PNMPhumuzile Nicoline MahlanguIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd25 January 2022
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20221-AMSAugustinius Mpho SephumaAnglo Platinum Rustenburg Limited25 January 2022
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20221-CTLColette Thando LisutuAnglo Platinum Rustenburg Limited25 January 2022
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20221-JZJason ZebertAnglo Platinum Rustenburg Limited25 January 2022
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20221-EBTEdward Brendan ThomasDe Beers25 January 2022
PNCE-RSA-IDX-20221-CPCharles PresentAnglo Platinum - Amandelbult Concentrator 25 January 2022

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