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IDX & HMS Networks

Industrial Data Xchange (IDX) has been the distributor for HMS Networks in Sub Saharan Africa since 2004.  HMS Networks owns the Anybus, Intesis and Ixxat brands.

Let IDX help find you the correct Industrial ICT solution today.

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About HMS Networks

Hardware Meets Software™ (HMS) is the leading independent supplier of solutions for industrial communication and IIoT. Their products, solutions, and know-how enable industrial hardware to get connected to IoT software. HMS enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which is all about Connecting Devices™.


Given IDX’s expertise in Industrial Communications this is a perfect fit.  

We offer free technical support across the range of HMS Network products having implemented the majority of them ourselves or on behalf of customers numerous times.

We also offer free product training at our offices on the more popular products such as Anybus Communicator and Wireless Bolt.

Between IDX and HMS Networks we can get just about any industrial device connected to your network.  So talk to us today.

More on HMS Networks

HMS believes that connecting matters, in everything from making devices, machines and systems talk, to engaging actively with our customers. Their state-of-the-art technology connects millions of industrial devices all over the world – in automation systems as well as in innovative IIoT applications.

IDX distributes the following HMS Networks brands


Anybus products enable industrial devices to communicate with any Fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network – wired or wirelessly. Anybus is today the world’s most widely used product family for industrial network connectivity.


Intesis provides robust, reliable, and easy-to-use gateway solutions for building & home integration and HVAC control. Intesis solutions are developed for integrators, specifically designed to be robust so they are reliable in the field and easy to set up.


Ixxat solutions are specially tailored for communication within machines, safety systems, and the automotive sector. The Ixxat offering from HMS Industrial Networks includes the products and services needed to solve advanced communication issues.

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