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Simply connect to your computer and you have a very cost-efficient alternative to a PLC or PC-card

The PROFINET Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFINET Slaves of many suppliers. Software only. There are two versions are available, one basic version for PROFINET and a Plus version that supports acyclic data, PROFIsafe, and logging of I/O data.

The PROFINET Master Simulator can exchange data with many PROFINET Slaves even without a PROFINET Master. Furthermore, the PROFINET Master Simulator also processes GSD-files as well as the input of special configurations to start the data exchange with PROFINET Slaves.

Display of data

Identification, renaming, and address the assignment of PROFINET Slaves is also possible. Furthermore, the data, in particular, the diagnostic function can be displayed as binary, hexadecimal, and now also as ASCII code. Output data can be transmitted consistently. In type mode, it is possible to set output as long as the mouse button is pressed.

In addition, it also supports PROFIsafe modules, as well as a log function of the I/O data and allows operations in the acyclic mode (Record Data CR). However as the PROFINET Master Simulator is a monitoring and commissioning tool for PROFINET Slaves, it is not designed to control automation processes.

Product Information

  • Easy to use test and diagnostic tool for PROFINET slaves
  • Read / Write of cyclic I/O data in various formats
  • The plus version permits acyclic parameter read/write access
  • PROFIsafe (plus version)
  • Logging of I/O data (plus version)
  • Ideal for mobile usage with laptops running Win98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (from version
  • An Ethernet cable is used to connect directly between the PC and the device under test
IBM compatible PC since 80386, network interface ≥ 100 MBit             
Installation options Downloadable from this site upon completion of the ordering process                             
Software version Auto-update function, current version visible under the menu item “Info”      
Windows version XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 (from version
32bit and 64bit systems Windows .NET Framework 4.0 – No support of Windows embedded
Hardware At least 500MB of free hard disc space
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (minimum) 1280 x 768 (recommended)
Software version Auto update function, current version visible under the menu item “Info”

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