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In the box: ProfiTrace 2 software, ScopeWare licence and Tap Connector 2 for connection to your DP network

ProfiTrace is an essential tool for maintenance and troubleshooting and is currently the most powerful mobile analyser for PROFIBUS networks.

This outstanding and portable tool boosts the capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering technicians. You can check and troubleshoot the complete PROFIBUS network with simply one software package and one piece of hardware (ProfiCore™ Ultra). This is an enormous reduction in equipment, weight, costs and required knowledge.

Product Information

One tool for multiple solutions:

  • Busmonitor for DP and PA with powerful statistics
  • Oscilloscope – ScopeWare
  • Bar graph
  • Topology scan
  • Reporting
  • 3-Color network condition indicator
  • DP master – ProfiCaptain
  • ProfiCore Ultra USB interface
  • OPC server and CommDTM
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 platforms
  • Multi language user interface
  • Ambient conditions: isolation class: IP 20 (DIN 40 050)
  • Works with ProfiTrace V2.2.1 and higher

 Your benefits:

  • Fits in your pocket
  • User-friendly
  • Controls and measures the whole installation

Application areas

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks
  • Commissioning of PROFIBUS networks
  • PROFIBUS product testing and verification
  • Passive cable testing
  • I/O testing of PROFIBUS devices
  • Setting up and diagnose PROFIBUS devices
  • Address setting of PROFIBUS devices
  • Interface for bus statistics and device I/O to external apps
  • Education
Order Codes  

37020 (Standard Kit)
37021 (Plus Kit)
38022 (Pro Kit)

Included Components

Anybus ProfiTrace

Warranty  1 year

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