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Rockwell Automation System Integrator Webinar

Date: 02 August 2023 | Time: 10 am to 12 pm (SAST)

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Date: 02 August 2023 | Time: 10 am to 12 pm (SAST)

We invite you to join this insightful webinar, where we will present an array of cutting-edge system integrator products. This event aims to assist you in broadening your portfolio and enhancing your offerings, enabling you to provide exceptional service to your valued customers.

Featured Partners

Festo has been a recognised partner of Rockwell Automation for nearly two decades. The company has a long history of integrating control technology into valve manifolds.

Combined with Rockwell Automation technology, Festo provides customers with benefits such as time savings, component reduction, improved diagnostics and commissioning.

Industrial Data Exchange (IDX)
HMS Networks recently expanded its Anybus product range, offering a variety of beneficial devices. The Anybus Product Specialists discuss the benefits of integrating these communicators and diagnostic tools into your everyday tasks.

The products that we will showcase are the Anybus Gateways, Mercury, Atlas and Osiris.

The Aparian products integrate seamlessly with Rockwell Automation Logix controllers to connect a broad range of systems.

These are Process (Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus), RA Legacy (ControlNet, DeviceNet and DH485) and DCS migration strategies (Honeywell TDC3000, Bailey i90, DeltaV).

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