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Specifically designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of your building automation projects

This bidirectional gateway provides a straightforward and fast integration thanks to its unique onboard features. The BTL mark ensures 100% compatibility and, at the same time, guarantees seamless integration with any BACnet device.

The configuration is carried out using the Intesis MAPS software. This one allows you to define your own settings for the device. Also, it will be able to download all the available project templates or to import any created/exported project template on your computer.

Integrate any M-Bus device with a BACnet BMS or any BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP controller. The aim of this integration is to make accessible M-Bus devices, their registers, and resources from a BACnet based control system or device as if it was a part of the own BACnet system and vice-versa.

M-Bus Protocol Translators

Provide metering information to your BACnet, KNX, or Modbus management system. Electricity, water, energy, or gas meters, among others, can be easily integrated into your building management or control system thanks to Intesis M-Bus gateways.

Intesis M-BUS acts as a level converter and as a Master device in its M-Bus interface. It polls, either continuously or when ordered, the M-Bus meters to obtain updated readings for the points configured.

Bus scan register discovery and device templates make the configuration process fast and easy.

  • Easy integration through KNX TP, BACnet, or Modbus protocols.
  • Automatic assignment of units and conversions for M-BUS to BACnet and KNX gateways.
  • Scaled licenses per number of M-BUS devices help to find the right gateway version for your project.

Embedded M-Bus level converter

No additional hardware is needed as the required M-Bus level converter is already embedded.

Bus scan

Discover all M-BUS devices connected to its channel and import them in an easy way.

Register Discovery

Discover all data available in an M-Bus device and import it easily and efficiently to your integration project.

M-Bus template generator

Create your own templates, share them between projects, or use one of the templates Intesis offers downloading directly from MAPS.

BACnet Protocol Translators

Our BACnet solutions have been specially designed to allow supervision and bidirectional control of systems and equipment talking BACnet, DALI, KNX, LonWorks, M-Bus, and Modbus protocols.

On the BACnet server versions, the gateway provides server functionality to the BMS or BACnet controller over BACnet/IP through the Ethernet port and over BACnet MS/TP through the serial port.

On the BACnet client versions, the gateway provides client functionality to control BACnet IP server devices through Ethernet and BACnet MSTP devices through the serial port. In such cases, control and monitoring of BACnet devices from ASCII, KNX, and Modbus BMS controllers is possible.

  • Great integration flexibility thanks to KNX TP, LonWorks, RS485, Ethernet, DALI, or M-Bus interfaces.
  • Scaled licenses per number of datapoints help to find the right gateway version for your project.
  • Conforms to BACnet revision 14, B-AAC Profile.
  • Supports BI, BO, AI, AO, Device, BV, AV, MI, MO, MV, NC, Schedule, and Calendar BACnet objects.
  • Supports subscription requests (COV).
  • BTL certified.

BACnet IP and MSTP

The device can communicate through Ethernet or serial ports with BACnet IP or BACnet MSTP networks.

BBMD and foreign Devices

BACnet devices can work in complex BACnet/IP networks, providing the ability to communicate between subnets or/and through routers.

Advanced features

All Intesis BACnet Servers allow hosting notification class, calendar, schedule, and trend log objects as well as support for subscription requests (COV).

BTL certified

It provides an assurance that products have been independently tested and have passed industry-standard BACnet testing.

Product Information

  • UL Certified
  • BTL Certified
  • Support for BACnet IP Client
  • BACnet Advanced features available (Trend logs, Calendars, etc.)
  • M-BUS line scan (meter detection) and register discovery
  • Embedded M-Bus level converter
  • Easy integration & updates with Intesis MAPS

INBACMEB0100000  M-BUS to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway – 10 devices
INBACMEB0200000  M-BUS to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway – 20 devices
INBACMEB0600000  M-BUS to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway – 60 devices
INBACMEB1200000  M-BUS to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway – 120 devices
  • Intesis Gateway.
  • Installation Manual.
  • USB Configuration cable.
  • (Power supply not included).
  • Warranty: 36 months.

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