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S5 adapter with USB connection

The ACCON -COM cable USB is an adapter for connecting a PC to an S5 controller. Power is supplied via the USB connection. An external supply is therefore not required.

Optimal application possibilities

  • As a programming adapter for creating and changing the PLC program
  • As a communication adapter for visualisations
  • As a communication adapter for data access to the PLC

Diverse areas of application

  • Programming an S5 controller, e.g. B. with ACCON-PG or the STEP 5 software from Siemens, from a notebook without RS-232 interface
  • Connect visualisations with S5 controls

Convincing and diverse

  • The software supplied sets up a virtual serial interface.
  • Any software that supports serial connections to the S5 can use the ACCON-COM cable USB.

Product Information

  • Connection via USB
  • No separate power supply necessary
  • Can also be used with STEP 5
Supported Operating Systems Windows 2000, XP, 2003 – no 64-bit versions
Connection to the PC USB connection cable permanently installed, 3 m or 5 m depending on the version
Connection to the PLC TTY with 15-pin SUB-D connector
Supported PLCs S5 of the U series
Protection class IP 20
Supply voltage Via USB
Galvanically isolated No
Extension possible Yes, max. 10 m on the USB side

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