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Connect Serial devices over Bluetooth

Anybus® Wireless Bridge Serial – Bluetooth is a rugged dual-mode Bluetooth (Bluetooth Smart Ready) serial-port adapter with Bluetooth gateway functionality and u-blox Serial Port Service. It allows connection for up to seven serial slaves with an RS-232/422/485 interface over Bluetooth, with a max. range of up to 300 meters.

Easy configuration

The Wireless Bridge dual-mode Bluetooth serial port adapter is easily configured using the Windows®-based configuration program “Toolbox”. Advanced configuration can also be made via AT commands.

Minimise Wireless Interferences

The Bluetooth Access Point features connectBlue Low Emission Mode® which solves any potential interference between classic Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that is not handled by Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH).

Further features implemented include Wireless Multidrop™ with simultaneous connections to both Bluetooth low energy and Classic Bluetooth devices and Extended Data Mode™ for separated multipoint data channels so that different data can be sent to or received from each slave.

Product Information

  • Eliminates the need for expensive or maintenance-heavy cabling
  • Connects up to 7 slaves with a serial RS-232/422/485 interface via Bluetooth
  • Includes Wireless Multidrop™ with simultaneous connections to both Bluetooth devices
  • Extended Data Mode™ for separated multipoint data channels so that different data can be sent to or received from each slave
  • Features a Low Emission Mode®: Prevents disrupting other 2.4GHz radios
  • Effective range of up to 300m or 984ft
  • Easy configuration via ToolBox Windows program
  • Advanced configuration with AT commands
  • Conforms to wireless standards used in Europe, USA, Canada, and Japan
  • Rugged IP65 rated industrial design with a choice of Antennas and accessories
  • Supports Bluetooth v2.1 (classic Bluetooth)
  • Supports profiles: Generic Attribute Profile (GATT), Serial Port Profile (SPP), Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN), PANU and NAP roles (one connection)
  • Connects up to 7 Bluetooth Slaves
  • Wireless Multidrop™ with simultaneous connections to Bluetooth devices
  • Extended Data Mode™ for separated multipoint data channels so that different data can be sent to or received from each slave. 
  • Connects via devices and machines equipped with an RS232/422/485 interface
  • Supports serial baud rates: 1.2-460.8 kbit/s 
Version  Serial – Bluetooth
Dimensions  (L•W•H) 76 x 85 x 35mm or 2,99 x 3,34 x 1,38″
Weight  190g or 0,42 lbs
Operating temperature -30 to +85 °C or -22 to +185 °F 
Output Power  13 dBm
Power supply  8-30 VDC 
Power consumption min. 9mA at 30V (20mA average at 30V) 
Enclosure material Metal
Mechanical rating  IP65
Mounting Screw holes for wall mounting
Max Range   300 meters
Antenna/Connector  External / Yes (RPSMA)
Connectors Male DSUB (Serial) Binder 712 (Power)


Europe ETSI R&TTE 
USA  FCC/CFR 47 part 15 unlicensed modular transmitter approval
Canada ICC RSS 
Japan MIC – formerly TELEC
Security  WEP64, WEP128, WPAPSK, WPA2-PSK, TKIP, CCMP (AES), LEAP, PEAP, EAP-TLS, 802.11i 
Medical Qualification IEC 60601-1-2 

Order Code: 024140

Included Components:

  • Quick start guide
  • Manuals
  • (Power supply not included)

Optional Accessories:

  • Order Code: 025240 (Cable Kit with M9 Power connector including 2m cable and serial cable 1.8m with DSUB, power adapter not included)

  • Order Code: 1.04.0085.00000 (Magnetic antenna foot with 1,5 m cable and RP-SMA connectors, excl. antenna)

  • Order Code: 1.04.0085.00003 (Screwable antenna foot with 1,5 m cable and RP-SMA connectors, excl. antenna)

Guarantee:  3 years

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