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Give easy and robust industrial wireless access to your industrial cabinets or machines

Anybus Wireless Bolt Serial enables you to connect industrial machines and devices to a wireless network. It is attached to a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access over Bluetooth®, or WiFi (Wireless LAN). It converts serial RS232/RS485 data to TCP/IP communication over the wireless link. It also works as a router for Modbus-TCP to Modbus-RTU enabling transparent access to all your existing serial Modbus devices.

With Anybus Wireless Bolt you get an all-in-one package featuring, connector, communication processor, and integrated antenna in the same unit, with an industrial IP66/IP67 protection class.

  • Serial RS232/RS485 to wireless and TCP/IP conversion
  • Communication over WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Serial cable replacement “serial to wireless to serial”
  • Wide baudrate support 2400 to 921600 Bit/s
  • Special Modbus-RTU mode
  • Modbus-TCP to Modbus-RTU routing
  • Web-configuration over wireless or ethernet
  • Available with white top Sunbolt enabling 30% higher surrounding temperature compared to black in direct sunlight
  • Full compatibility with Anybus Wireless Bridge and Anybus Wireless Bolt Ethernet
Serial interface Serial: RS232/RS485 Baud rate: 2400 – 921600 bit/s
Data bits 5-8, stop bits 1-2, parity None, Odd, Even.
Transparent serial protocol transfer including support for Modbus-RTU and Modbus-TCP to Modbus-RTU transparent routing.
Ethernet interface Ethernet: 10/100BASE-T with automatic MDI/MDIX auto cross-over detection. For configuration only.
WiFi interface Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11 a, b, g, n, d.
Operation modes: Access point or Client
Wireless LAN bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
RF output power: 18 dBm EIRP (including antenna gain 3dBi)
Max number of stations for access point: 7
Power consumption: 54mA@24VDC
Net data throughput: 20 Mbps. Link speed: max 65 Mbps (802.11n SISO)
Security: WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA-PSK and WPA2, TKIP and AES/CCMP, LEAP, PEAP including MS-CHAP.
Bluetooth interface Wireless standards (profiles): PANU & NAP
Operation modes: Access point or Client
RF output power: 14 dBm EIRP (including antenna gain 3dBi)
Bluetooth conducted sensitivity: -90 dBm
Max number of slaves for access point: 7
Power consumption: 36 mA@24VDC
Net data throughput: ~1 Mbps
Bluetooth version support: Classic Bluetooth v2.1
Security: Authentication & Authorization, Encryption & Data Protection,
Privacy & Confidentiality, NIST Compliant, FIPS Approved
Dimensions Diameter: 68 mm. Height: 75 mm (95 mm including connector. Outside height: 41 mm)
Weight 81g
Temperature Bolt (black) Shadow:  -40 to +65 °C
Direct sunlight:  -40 to +45 °C
Storage temperature: -40 to +85 °C
Temperature Sunbolt (white) Shadow and direct sunlight: -40 to +65 °C
Storage temperature: -40 to +85 °C
Output Power WiFi 18 dBm EIRP  – Bluetooth 14 dBm EIRP – Bluetooth Low Energy 10 dBm EIRP
All including antenna gain 3dBi
Power Supply 9-30 VDC (-5% +20%), Cranking 12V (ISO 7637-2:2011 pulse 4). Reverse polarity protection.
Power Consumption 0.7W idle, 1.7W max (54mA@24VDC with Wireless LAN and 36mA@24VDC with Bluetooth)
Enclosure material Top: Valox 357X(f1) PBT/PC. Suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water exposure and immersion in accordance with UL 476C. Bottom: Celanex: XFR 6840 GF15. PBT glass reinforced plastic.
Mechanical rating IP66 and IP67 for top (outside the host), IP21 for bottom (inside the host), UL NEMA 4X
Mounting M50 screw and nut (50.5 mm hole needed)
Max Range 100 meters
Antenna One built in antenna
Connector Included plug connector (2x9p; 3.5mm, Phoenix DFMC 1.5/9-ST-3.5, push-in spring connection)
Vibration Compatibility Sinosodial vibration test according to IEC 60068-2-6:2007 and with extra severities; Number of axes: 3 mutually perpendicular (X:Y:Z), Duration: 10 sweep cycles in each axes, Velocity: 1 oct/min, Mode: in operation, Frequency: 5-500 Hz, Displacement ±3.5 mm, Acceleration: 2g.
Shock test according to IEC 60068-2-27:2008 and with extra severities; Wave shape: half sine, Number of shocks: ±3 in each axes, Mode: In operation, Axes ± X,Y,Z, Acceleration: 30 m/s2 , Duration: 11 ms.


Europe ATEX: ATEX Category 3, zone 2 according to EN60079-15, product marking: EX II 3 G nA IIC T4. CE, 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
USA FCC 47 CFR part 15, subpart B. UL: Ind. Cont. Eq. also
Listed Ind. Cont. Eq. for Haz. Loc. CL1, DIV 2, GP A,B,C,D, T4.
UL file: E203225
Canada ICES-003
Japan MIC
Other countries Brazil, Australia, Colombia, Turkey, Malaysia, Argentina, India, Chile, Korea

Cable Replacement

Point-to-point: Serial to Bolt to WLAN/BT to Bolt to Serial.


Common bus

Multi-point; Serial to Bolt to WLAN/BT to many Bolt to Serial Up to 8 participants (1 master and 7 slaves). Wireless multi-drop (master-slave). The Bolt is transparent. Message from the host to Bolt is forwarded to all slaves. Every slave response forwarded to the host. Suitable for master/slave polled protocols with RS485, e.g. Modbus RTU.


Modbus-TCP to Modbus-RTU router/gateway

Converting serial RS232/RS485 data to TCP/IP over wireless and wired.


TCP/IP Socket to RS232/RS485

WLAN/BT to one or several “Bolt Serial” to serial devices. Raw data to TCP port. Any serial protocol.


Order code: AWB2010 (black), AWB2011 (Sunbolt white top, black base)

Included components

  • Anybus Wireless Bolt Serial
  • Including an 18-pin connector
  • 1x Installation guide


  • Order Code: 024703; Cable kit. Molded RJ45 Bolt connector wired with 1.5m Ethernet cable and 24 VDC power supply (world) + Extra Ethernet cable fastening to avoid cable strand breaks.
  • Order Code: 024704; Bolt connector with Ethernet cable (RJ45 female). Total length of 20 cm

Guarantee: 3 years

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