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The Anybus X-gateway connects a CC-Link network with a Modbus RTU network and thus enables the seamless flow of information between the two PLC systems

The X-gateway is primarily intended for the transmission of cyclic I / O data between the two networks and thus relieves the PLC of additional tasks. The X-gateway is a slave / adapter on both sides. The data transfer is transparent and up to 512 bytes of I / O data can be transferred in each direction.

Easy Configuration – No programming required!

The connection between the two networks is configured with the “Anybus Configuration Manager” software. No programming skills are required for this. The amount of I / O data to be transferred is preset to 20 bytes at the factory.

Product Information

  • Fast exchange of cyclic I / O data between the two networks (10-15 ms)
  • Compatible with PLCs from leading manufacturers
  • Supports up to 512 bytes of input and output data in each direction
  • Control and status information can be added to the I / O data for diagnostic purposes
  • Robust stand-alone housing for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Qualified, personal support

You can either set the CC-Link slave settings directly on the gateway using switches or import the .CSP file provided by HMS into the PLC’s engineering tool.

  • Full-fledged CC-Link slave according to version 1 and 2
  • CC-Link compliant according to specification BTP-05027-B
  • Transparent CC-Link communication (mode: Standard)
  • Communication according to the PLC profile (mode: PLC profile)
  • Max. 896 bits / 128 words (368 bytes) I / O data in each direction
  • Supports CC-Link baud rates of 156 kbit / s – 10 Mbit / s
  • Up to 4 occupied stations
  • Supports extended cycle time (only version 2)
  • CC-Link configuration via switch or .CSP file
  • 1 x 5-pin, 5.08 Phoenix Contact network connection

The address settings for the Modbus RTU network are made using configuration switches.

  • Complete Modbus RTU slave functionality
  • Max. 512 bytes of input and 512 bytes of output data
  • Modbus diagnosis is supported
  • Configuration via DIP switch
  • Modbus RTU baud rate: 12 – 57.6 kbit / s
  • Network connection: 1 x 9-pin D-Sub socket
Dimensions (L • W • H)   114 x 44 x 127 mm or 4.49 x 1.73 x 5.00 “
Weight 400 g or 0.880 lbs
operating temperatur -25 to +65 ° C or -13 to +149 ° F 
Storage temperature -40 to +85 ° C or -40 to +185 ° F 
Power supply 24 VDC +/- 20% via 2-pin 5.08 mm Phoenix screw terminal connection
Power consumption  
Max. 400 mA (typically 200 mA)
Housing material Aluminum and plastic
Mounting position Vertical / flat *
Galvanic separation YES, on both BUS / Ethernet sides
Protection class IP20, NEMA rating 1
Assembly DIN rail (EN 50022 standard)
I / O configuration Via USB port and the “Anybus Configuration Manager” software
Certifications CE,  C UL US , ATEX / Haz.Loc, RoHS
Order Code AB7500
Included components Gateway
Quick start documentation
USB configuration cable
Serial cable for PROFIBUS master configuration
Resource CD with PROFIBUS master configuration software

Power supply not included

Configuration and Anybus OPC server software is available for download.

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