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Add your own hardware around a network communication chip

The Anybus® CompactCom C40 is a high-performance network communication solution on a single chip. It consists of the Anybus NP40 network processor loaded with the software you need to connect an industrial device to a different Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network.

The Anybus C40 is based on the award-winning NP40 network processor. It enables the integration of optimised infrastructure solutions like high-performance Ethernet switches with on-the-fly processing and cut-through switching with very low latencies. This single-chip network controller eliminates the need for different external communication ASICs and FPGAs drastically reducing the design complexity and cost.

For both general or demanding high-performance applications

  • Combines major Fieldbus networks with high-performance real-time Industrial Ethernet
  • Common Ethernet chip allows you to download your chosen Ethernet protocol
  • Fast data transfer: up to 1500 bytes of process data each way (latency 15µs)
  • A unique way of handling device profile integration (Drive, Motion, Semi, Others)
  • Safety-ready. Combine with the IXXAT SafeT100 for safety network integration
  • Uses network encryption technologies to keep your devices safe and secure

Real-Time-Accelerator for best-in-class latency

The CompactCom C40 solution with the Anybus NP40 chip integrates HMS unique IP to provide best-in-class latency and deterministic real-time for demanding industrial applications like motion control.

The Real-Time Accelerator (RTA) works on several levels from “on-the-fly” protocol pre-processing on the network controller level to a zero delay API which guarantees instant access to network control data.

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