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A ready-made network interface, just add your own connectors

The Anybus® CompactCom Brick (B40) is a high-performance network interface which is ready-made with software and hardware to enable communication between your device and any industrial network. The brick format gives you the freedom to add your own connectors and peripherals.

The cutting-edge Anybus CompactCom 40-series is based on the award-winning Anybus NP40 network processor. It is especially suitable for both general purposes and for high-end applications with large I/O data transfer, fast network cycles, and synchronisation demands.

For both general or demanding high-performance applications

  • Combines major Fieldbus networks with high-performance real-time Industrial Ethernet
  • Common Ethernet brick allows you to download the Ethernet protocol to the module
  • Fast data transfer: up to 1500 bytes of process data each way (latency 15µs)
  • A unique way of handling device profile integration (Drive, Motion, Semi, Others)
  • Safety-ready. Combine with the IXXAT SafeT100 for safety network integration
  • Uses network encryption technologies to keep your devices safe and secure

B40 Brick Connector Boards

The brick is mounted on the host PCB to enable communication with the chosen network. HMS offers connector boards for all supported networks to facilitate your InDesign.

By switching to another connector board, you can get connected to other networks using the same Anybus Brick.

Product Information

  • Easy mounting, pluggable and solderable male strip connector
  • Safe and secure mounting of the brick interface to the host PCB design
  • Full connector flexibility on the network side (DSUB, RJ45, 5.08, M12 or Fiber Optic etc)
  • Attached when needed – modular and pluggable
B40 Ethernet (all-versions)
35 x 40 x 15,6 mm
B40 Ethernet F.Optic 44,5 x 40 x 16,1 mm
B40 PROFIBUS 38,8 x 40 x 15,5 mm
B40 CC-Link/DeviceNet 35 x 40 x 11,8 mm

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