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Seamless high-speed integration to PROFIBUS PA

The Anybus ComBricks is the first PROFIBUS-based automation system that unites repeaters and permanent monitoring in a web browser. With an evolving industry using more mixed architecture networks, users can integrate ComBricks into their PROFINET network via Osiris, allowing them to monitor everything from one single cross-platform.

The Anybus PROFIBUS PA link/coupler module enables seamless high-speed integration to PROFIBUS PA. It powers the attached PA devices and fully emulates them as DP devices on the backplane. Adjusted bus parameters are not required and therefore suitable for all DCS and PLC systems, even running on 12 Mbps.

The combined internal ProfiTrace and oscilloscope make this product extremely useful for remote maintenance over Ethernet. Jitter, noise, DC, DC voltage, bar graph and oscilloscope, it is all there and easy to access. The free CommDTM allows access to asset management tools over Ethernet.

ComBricks can carry 9 PA links and a RS 485 or Fibre Optic module. It can also be a customised mix of PA modules with other communication modules. The PA link provides a 500 mA current on a customisable bus voltage. The integrated PA termination is automatically activated when the module works as a power coupler. It is switched off in the monitoring mode.

It does not require configuration and operates the same way as regular ComBricks repeaters. In the web server, the behaviour on the PA side can be set, like retries (default 5) and the watchdog (default 3 seconds). This product can directly replace 3rd party Non-Ex PA couplers/links and can be used as a monitor behind existing 3rd party Non-Ex PA couplers.

Product Information

Distinctive features

PROFIBUS DP (on the backplane)

  • 9.6 .. 12 Mbps
  • Fully transparent
  • No adjustments are required in Link mode
  • Transmission speed detection: 9.6 kbps .. 12 Mbps (including 45.45 kbps)


  • 10 .. 27 VDC customizable PA trunk voltage (Non-Ex)
  • 500 mA trunk current
  • 10 mA current consumption (in all modes)
  • 32 (PROFIBUS PA specifications)
  • 31.25 kbps PA signal
  • 1900 m cable length (depends on trunk current)
  • PA termination automatic (ON in coupler mode)

Web Server

  • Oscilloscope images of connected devices
  • Last, Min, Max bus signals
  • Bar graph of connected devices
  • DC current of the trunk and signal jitter
  • Email on telegram errors and low bus signals
  • Retry and Watchdog settings

Dimensions and weight

L x W x H: 133 x 25 x 105 mm (including backplane, per module)
Weight: 133 g (excluding plug-able connectors, backplane and packing material)
Mounting DIN-rail type 35mm × 7.5mm (EN 50022, BS 5584, DIN 46277-3)

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature range

 -20° … +60° Celsius (for mounting position see manual)

-4° … 158° Fahrenheit

Isolation class IP 20 (IEC/EN 60529, DIN 40050)


PROFIBUS networks 4 (set by dipswitches or web server)
Module position First 10 slots

Link mode: max. 9 PA modules and 1 DP repeater module

Coupler mode: max. 9 PA modules and 1 DP repeater module

Monitoring mode: max. 4 PA modules (4 backplane networks)

Power supply Provided through the backplane
Typical backplane current 350 mA (at 5.72 VDC)
Max. backplane current 550 mA (at 5.72 VDC) At this current consumption the module is switched OFF from the backplane. Occurs when the module is faulty, e.g. internal short circuit.
Compatible backplane units

101-200011, 101-200022, 101-200023, 101-200024,


PROFIBUS PA power specifications

Trunk voltage 10 to 27 VDC customisable PA trunk voltage (Non-Ex)
Trunk current 500 mA
Current consumption 10 mA (in all modes)

PROFIBUS PA cable specifications

Cable lengths Max. 1900 m cable length (PROFIBUS PA specifications)
Wire diameter (for the screw terminals) < 2.5 mm2
Wire type Stranded or solid core
Termination ON when power supplied on the PA power connector

PROFIBUS DP protocol specifications

Supported Protocols DP-V0, DP- V1, DP-V2, FDL, MPI, FMS, PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive and any other FDL-based protocol
Address No bus address required
Transmission speed 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps (including 45.45 kbps)
Transmission speed detection Auto detect (< 10 s detection and 50 s baudrate switchover time)
PROFIBUS busparameters No adjustments are required in Link mode

PROFIBUS PA protocol specifications


Coupler mode: no address required

Link mode: master on PA bus address 1 (fixed)

Number of devices 32 (PROFIBUS PA specifications)
Baudrate PA bus 31.25 kbps

Oscilloscope specifications

AC PA voltage 4 MS/s, resolution 7.5 mV, range -0.95 to 0.95 V
DC PA voltage 1 kS/s, resolution 75 mV, range -38 to +38 V
DC PA current 1 kS/s, resolution 1 mA, range 0 to 1024 mA

Connector layout


Plug-able screw connector, connectors 1 to 1, pitch 5.08 mm

Pin PA-  : 0 V

Pin PA+ : 10 to 27 VDC

Pin SH   : Shield

Pin I       : Indirect Shield

PA Power


Plug-able screw connector, pitch 5,08 mm

Pin –   : 0 V

Pin +  : 10 to 27 VDC

Pin SH: Shield

Pin SH is connected internally to the DIN rail with spring-loaded contact.

The pin I is connected internally with 10nF/1MOhm to shield.


NW0                    NW1

LEFT                     LEFT

RIGHT                  LEFT

LEFT                     RIGHT

RIGHT                  RIGHT














Link mode




Hardware / Software



RDY: Ready


The module is ready for operation (ON)
RX: Receiving data Receiving PA telegrams (blinking)
HWE: Hardware error Internal hardware error (contact HMS Technical Support)
AMP: Amplitude error No or bad telegrams on PA detected
POW: Power error PA signal too low or too high
SNWER: Network error

Over-current, noise, unbalance, DC-polarity

Jitter, asymmetry, field device polarity

Alarm values can be changed through the web server.


Head Station firmware At least version 1.279
MTBF 1165020 hours, at 30o Celsius, IEC TR 62380
Order Codes   101-201610
Included Components Anybus ComBricks, backplane socket
Warranty  1 year

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