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Monitors 4 PROFIBUS networks + ProfiTrace 2 streaming + OPC

The Head Station is the primary element of ComBricks and has to be inserted in the most left slot of the fixed backplane socket. It schedules the interaction between all modules and provides data storage and an Ethernet interface for the user.

Type 1A is the basic model and ALL Head Stations are hardware technically identical with type 1A.

Type 1B and 1C are enhanced types that contain a ProfiTrace core and advanced web server for permanent remote maintenance of the PROFIBUS installation over Ethernet (hardware is identical to type 1A).

  • Type 1A: NO monitoring capabilities, no streaming, no OPC
  • Type 1B: Monitors 1 PROFIBUS network + ProfiTrace 2 streaming + OPC
  • Type 1C: Monitors 4 PROFIBUS networks + ProfiTrace 2 streaming + OPC

For monitoring repeater modules or slave modules are required to provide PROFIBUS telegrams on the backplane network.

Product Information

Distinctive features
• Drives 32 modules (10 high-speed modules)
• Wide range of modules available
• Hot swap and extendible
• Powerful web server
• ProfiTrace OE for monitoring 4 networks
• Multi-language
• DIN-rail mounting
• IP 20

Your benefits
• Remote monitoring of your installation
• Easy to use
• The only product with an integrated oscilloscope for permanent PROFIBUS control over Ethernet
  • Remote maintenance station with ProfiTrace OE
  • Modular repeater backbone with hot swap
  • Transparent data hub (repeaters, fibre optic, RS-485-IS, DP slave, PROFINET, etc.)

Type differences (Hardware is identical with all types)

Head Station 1A

No ProfiTrace OE

Head Station 1B

ProfiTrace OE for 1 PROFIBUS network +

ProfiTrace 2 live streaming + OPC  (since June 2013)

Head Station 1C

ProfiTrace OE for 4 PROFIBUS networks +
ProfiTrace 2 live streaming + OPC

For all Head Stations




32 (10 repeater modules positioned in the first 10 slots)

Currently available for the backplane

2.5 A

PROFIBUS networks


Compatible backplane units

101-200012, 101-200023, 101-200024, 101-200027

Power supply specifications

Power supply operating voltage range

12 to 24 VDC (tolerance range 11 to 26 VDC)

Do not connect, if the power on the backplane is supplied by a PWR-6A module.

Typical own Current consumption

73 mA at 24 VDC (externally powered)

230 mA at 5.72 VDC (externally or PWR-6A module powered)

Max. Current consumption

800 mA at 24 VDC (current consumption of other modules included)

Power dissipation

Max. 1.32 W (own power dissipation)

Max. 20W (power dissipation of other modules included) 

Reverse polarity protection



Redundant power supply


Wire diameter

< 2.5 mm2

Installation notes:

The device shall be supplied from an isolating transformer having a secondary Listed fuse rated either:

  • Maximum 5 amps for voltages 12 to 20 V, or
  • Maximum 4 amps for voltages 21 to 24 V,

    or is supplied by a Class 2 power supply or equivalent.




Cable length

Max. 100 m

Link speed

10 / 100 Mbps

MAC address

9C.B2.06.xx.xx.xx (label on the side of the Head Station)

Supported protocols


Default IP address after reset/purchase


20 simultaneous web server clients

Relay contact


300 mOhm (plug included)


24 VAC


0.5 A

Installation notes:

The Relay output shall be supplied from an isolating transformer having a secondary Listed fuse rated either:

  • Maximum 5 amps for voltages 12 .. 20 V, or
  • Maximum 4 amps for voltages 21 .. 24 V,

or is supplied by a Class 2 power supply or equivalent.

SD Card




Max. 32 GB (1 GB is provided)

Connector Layout

Power supply

Plug-able screw connector, pitch 5,08 mm

Pin – :  0 V
Pin +:  24 VDC

Pin SH: Shield

SH connected internally to DIN-rail with spring-loaded contact 

Alarm contact

Pin 1: NO
Pin 2: NO

potential-free relay contact, normally open



150 g


2873918 hours, at 30o Celsius, IEC TR 62380

Standards and approvals


EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, class A Digital Device

RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU


47 CFR 15, Unintentional Radiator, class A Digital Device.


Report reference: E468970

Standards for safety: UL 508 – Industrial Control Equipment CSA C22.2 No. 142-M1987 – Industrial Control Equipment

Order Codes   101-20011C
Included Components Anybus ComBricks Head station
Warranty  1 year

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