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Additional power to the ComBricks backplane in case the Head Station loses power

The Anybus 6A Power module provides additional power to the ComBricks backplane in case the Head Station is no longer able to power all inserted modules.

Multiple power modules can work in parallel and their currents are accumulative with a maximum combined current of 12A.

The power modules can also be used as a redundant power source for the backplane. Diagnostics of the power modules are available on the web server.

Product Information

Distinctive features

  • Provides 6 A to the backplane
  • Maximum combined backplane current: 12 A (provided by all inserted power modules in the least ideal layout)
  • 32 Modules (all slots)
  • 130 mA current consumption
  • 12..30 VDC
  • Max. 2 A @ 24 VDC (42 W)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Power: Max. 42W

Figure 1 – Backplane current 

Dimensions and weight

L x W x H:  133 x 25 x 103 mm (including backplane per module, excluding plug-able connectors)
Weight: 120 g (excluding plug-able connectors, backplane and packing material)
Mounting DIN-rail type 35mm × 7,5mm (EN 50022, BS 5584, DIN 46277-3)

Ambient conditions

Operating temperature range

-20o … +60o Celsius (for mounting position see manual)

-4o … 158o Fahrenheit

Isolation class IP 20 (IEC/EN 60529, DIN 40050)

Power supply

Power supply operating voltage range


12 to 24 VDC (tolerance range 6 to 32 VDC)

Typical Current consumption


60 mA at 5.72 VDC (backplane powered)
Power dissipation Max. 0.34 W at 5.72 (backplane powered)
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Redundant power supply Yes (with the second PWR-6A module)
Wire diameter < 2.5 mm2
Installation notes:

The device shall be supplied from an isolating transformer having a secondary Listed fuse rated either:

  • Maximum 5 amps for voltages 12 to 20 V, or
  • Maximum 4 amps for voltages 21 to 24 V,

or is supplied by a Class 2 power supply or equivalent.


Module position


 32 (all slots)

Currently available on backplane


6A (including own current consumption typically 130 mA)
Compatible backplane units

101-200011, 101-200022, 101-200023, 101-200024,


Installation notes

When using the Power Module, remove power from the Head Station.

If power redundancy is required, use two Power Modules.

When moving the Power Module to a different slot: remove the power before taking out the module.

Connector Layout

Power supply

Plug-able screw connector, pitch 5,08 mm

Pin 1: – (0 V)
Pin 2: + (24 VDC)

Pin 3: SH (Shield)

SH connected internally to DIN-rail with spring-loaded contact


ERR ON Input voltage too low, or maximum current
ERR + RUN OFF No power supply connected


Head Station firmware V1.265 and later
MTBF 3082529 hours, at 30o Celsius, IEC TR 62380

Standard and approvals


EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, class A Digital Device

RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

FCC 47 CFR 15, Unintentional Radiator, class A Digital Device.

Report reference: E468970

Standards for safety: UL 508 – Industrial Control Equipment CSA C22.2 No. 142-M1987 – Industrial Control Equipment

Order Codes   101-230010
Included Components Anybus Combrick, backplane socket
Warranty  1 year

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