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Directly and independently act on the machine/process when the bus communication becomes unreliable

The Anybus ComBricks 4 Channel Relay Module 5 A – 230 VAC Type 1 is a standard 4-channel relay module with normally Open and normally Closed connectors. Can be controlled by the web server (Output Control menu), DP slave or PROFINET IO device. Suitable for 5 A – 230 VAC.

The relays can be configured in the ComBricks web server (Output Control menu) to respond directly to bus problems like; bus voltage too low, master loss and retries. This offers great applications to directly and independently act on the machine/process when the bus communication becomes unreliable. Especially when the safety of human lives or the environment comes first.

Power switches, hold switches, indicators, backup systems, device I/O, doors and LED towers are examples of machine parts that can be hooked up to the relays.

The configured settings are saved and activated after reset or power-up. 

Product Information

Distinctive features
• 4 Relays (2 on the front, and 2 on the bottom)
• 5 A – 230 VAC per relay (direct load)
• 300 mOhm resistance (including connectors)
• 100.000 Toggles at 5 A – 230 VAC
• Every channel can be customized
• Manual ON/OFF
• Timer ON/OFF
• Event: Retries, Lost, Bus voltage too low, etc



Web server, PROFINET IO device, PROFIBUS DP slave


32 (all slots)

Power supply

Provided through the backplane

Typical backplane current

225 mA (at 5.72 VDC)

Max. backplane current


500 mA (at 5.72 VDC) At this current consumption the module is switched OFF from the backplane. Occurs when the module is faulty, e.g. internal short circuit.

Compatible backplane units

101-200011, 101-200012, 101-200023, 101-200024,




4 (2 on the front, and 2 on the bottom)


5 A per relay


230 VAC


300 mOhm (including connectors)

Toggles 100000 (at 5A – 230 VAC)



1 = No (normally open)

2 = Common

3 = Nc (normally closed)

Wire diameter (for the screw terminals)

< 2.5 mm2

Wire type

100000 (at 5A – 230 VAC)


Head Station firmware

V1.260 and later


140 x 110 x 25 mm

Operating temperature

0 .. 60 °C


125 g

Order Codes   101-210210
Included Components Anybus Combrick, backplane socket
Warranty  1 year

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