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Two galvanically isolated transparent repeaters (three segments)

The ProfiHub B2+ is equipped with two galvanically isolated transparent repeaters (offering three segments). Each segment can handle 31 devices and a cable length equal to the main bus. To save costs on plugs and offer flexibility, the repeater contains screw terminals as well as DB9 connectors. Termination for each segment is on-board and switchable.

If bus redundancy is enabled, two segments will form a redundant pair which is completely compatible with the ABB RLM01. An alarm contact is linked to events based on the status of the power supply and the bus redundancy status. 

Product Information

Distinctive features
• 2 Isolated repeater channels (3 segments)
• Connection speed: 9.6 Kbps .. 12 Mbps (auto detection)
• 1200 m segment length (depends on baudrate)
• 31 devices per channel
• Bus redundancy option
• Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
• Suitable for PROFIsafe and MPI
• High integrity telegram checking
• Screw terminals and DB9 connectors
• Configurable grounding system
• Integrated termination facilities

• Alarm contact

Your benefits

• Option to create a redundant path to Hubs or ComBricks
• Hot slave insertion and removal during operation
• Short circuit protection on each channel
• Compact and robust construction
• Status and error display (per channel)
• Suitable for all DP cables
• Easily extendable installations
• Cost Savings
Application examples:
• Large star/tree-structured networks
• Removable drives and motors
• Pull/Plug motor control centres
• Roof-mounted devices in tank farms

• Barrier for non-galvanic isolated equipment

Dimensions and weight

L x H x D: 109 x 113 x 35 mm (excluding DIN-rail and plug-able screw connectors).

328 g (excluding plug-able screw connectors, cable brackets and packing material).


Mounting DIN-rail type 35mm × 7,5mm (EN 50022, BS 5584, DIN 46277-3)


Ambient conditions

Operating temperature range

-25 to +70o Celsius

-13 to +158o Fahrenheit


Isolation class IP 20 (IEC/EN 60529, DIN 40050)


Protocol specification

Supported Protocols DP-V0, DP- V1, DP-V2, FDL, MPI, FMS, PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive and any other FDL based protocol.
Transmission speed 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps (including 45.45 kbps)
Transmission speed detection Auto detect
Transmission speed detection time  < 10 s detection and 50 s baudrate switchover time.
Transmission speed switch

Rotary switch

Auto detect

Robust repeating


Diagnostic slave








For older ProfiHubs refer to paragraph 2.10.1

Data delay time

At baudrate           Normal mode                 Robust mode

9.6 – 500 kbps              2.8 Tbit                      13.8 Tbit

1.5 Mbps                      3.2 Tbit                      14.2 Tbit

3 Mbps                         3.9 Tbit                      14.5 Tbit

6 Mbps                         4.6 Tbit                      15.6 Tbit

12 Mbps                       6.4 Tbit                      17.4 Tbit

Deviation 2 bit times (over the complete message) for received messages is allowed and is corrected to nominal speed when transmitted.

 PROFIBUS Diagnostics Device specifications 

Supported Protocol DP-V0
Ident Number 6971
GSD filename PROC6971.gsd
Bus address 0-126 (software address only, set by software, default 126)
Transmission speed 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps (including 45.45 kbps)
Transmission speed detection Auto Detect
Maximum transferrable data 85 bytes input and 5 bytes output

PROFIBUS cable specifications

Cable lengths

1200 m at 9.6 kbps to 93.75 kbps

1000 m at 187.5 kbps

400 m at 500 kbps

200 m at 1.5 Mbps

100 m at 3 Mbps to 12 Mbps

Cable thickness 10 mm (when the ground rail is used)
Wire diameter (for the screw terminals) < 2.5 mm2
Wire type Stranded or solid core
Number of devices Maximum 31 per Channel (including ProfiHubs, OLMs, Laptops/PCs, etc.)

Integrated and switchable.

Powered according to IEC 61158 (390/220/390 Ohms)

– All Channels (default on)

– Main-Channel (default off)

Redundancy Yes (Channel 1 and 2)
Cascading depth No limit (only limited by busparameter of the master)
Cascading units

With standard busparameters:

At baudrate        Normal mode[units]     Robust mode[units]

9.6 kbps 6                                 6                               1

19.2 kbps 6                               6                               1

45.45 kbps 39                         39                               8

93.75 kbps 6                             6                               1

187.5 kbps 6                             6                               1

500 kbps 16                            16                               3

1.5 Mbps 20                            20                               5

3 Mbps 17                               17                               5

6 Mbps   13                             13                               4

12 Mbps 13                             13                               5

 Power supply specifications 

Power supply operating voltage 12 to 24 VDC
Power supply absolute max rated voltage 9 to 31 VDC
Redundant power supply Yes
Current consumption 125 mA at 24 V power supply (all Channels fully loaded)
Power dissipation Max. 3.3 W
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Cable thickness 10 mm (when the ground rail is used)
Wire diameter < 2.5 mm2

 Alarm contact  

Voltage  Max. 24 VDC
Current Max. 0.5 A

 Connector Lay-out 

2x Power supply POW 1 and POW 2

Plug-able screw connector, pitch 5,08 mm

Pin +  : 12 to 24 VDC

Pin –   : 0 V

Screw: Shield

Alarm Contact

Plug-able screw connector, pitch 5,08 mm

Pin 1: relay contact (potential-free)
Pin 2: relay contact (potential-free)

PROFIBUS screw terminals Main Channel and Channel 1 to 2

Plug-able screw terminal, pitch 3,81 mm

Pin A: PROFIBUS A (green wire)

Pin B: PROFIBUS B (red wire)

Pin I : Indirect shield

PROFIBUS DB9 Main Channel

D Sub connector, 9 contacts (PROFIBUS specification)

Pin 1: N.C.
Pin 2: N.C.
Pin 5: GND
Pin 6: VPP
Pin 7: N.C.
Pin 9: N.C.
Housing: Shield

Shield is connected internally to the DIN-rail

Pin I is connected internally with 10nF/1MOhm to shield.

 Standard and approvals


EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, class B Digital Device

RoHs Directive 2011/65/EU


FCC 47 CFR 15, Unintentional Radiator, class B Digital Device.

Report reference: E365044-A1-UL

Standards for safety: UL 60950-1, Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1 General Requirements

CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07, Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1: General Requirements


Order Codes   17210R
Included Components Anybus ProfiHub B2+
Warranty  1 year

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