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Welcome to IDX a leading provider of ICT products, solutions, and services.
We are recognised for our well-earned reputation for innovation and customer service, and an unrivaled track record for on-time and on-budget delivery of projects.

Industry-level ICT solutions since 2001

IDX is one company that does it all. From designing network infrastructures to maintaining them, we’re with you for every step of your ICT journey, leaving you free to focus on managing and growing your business.


Discover our range of world-class products that enables companies to connect, communicate and collaborate.


Efficient design, monitoring and maintenance with our business automation, support, auditing, and consulting services.


Robust and bespoke ICT solutions to give you more flexibility, helping you achieve the right results for the job.


Develop the skills and expertise required to successfully optimise and maintain your plant assets and infrastructure.

Delivering world class ICT solutions since 2001

A leader in the industry

Providing bespoke solutions, developed to meet the ICT requirements of our projects, we work to gain an in-depth understanding of the unique goals of each client.

This approach does not revolve around just selling a product to meet your immediate project needs. We work with you to address your wider vision and to ensure that all your support and maintenance needs are met.

Featured Case Studies

Read some real-world examples of our ideas, technologies, and strategies in practice across a variety of industries. These case studies demonstrate how we have helped our clients overcome their business problems and grow their bottom line.

The smartest way to optimise your assets

We provide the framework and flexibility to help you optimise your plant for safety and reliability. We are the solution provider known for our ethics, expertise, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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