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Anybus Gateways and Communicators

This course focuses on setting up the sub-network side of the Anybus Communicator. The aim is to upskill users of the Anybus Communicator so that they can effectively use it for their specific applications.

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Course Duration

This course is completed within one day. It includes a theoretical and practical aspect.


This training is only completed at our premises in Fourways, Johanessburg.



Receive a professional certificate for attending this course.

Course Information

In this course, we explore the Anybus range of network devices. Students will learn to automate the devices via a serial interface to Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet.

The Anybus products offer easy system integration by acting as translators between industrial networks and devices, wired or wirelessly. The Communicator is capable of converting almost any protocol. This means that you do not have to worry about making any hardware or software changes to your device.

This training provides an overview of the concepts of the Anybus Communicator, the tools required to set up and configure the devices, and delves deeper into the operations and functions of the device.

The second part of this course introduces the Modbus protocol, transmission mediums (RS232, RS422 and RS485), various transactions and covers practical examples.

Who should attend? Any individual that installs or provides technical support to Anybus devices.


This course is most beneficial if the attendee has a technical background or experience working in digital communications systems.

Occasional exposure to cabling PROFIBUS networks has been found to be insufficient in preparing potential candidates.

Have a good command of the English language

Be able to understand and interpret technical ideas and systems

Understand the basics of communications and what it entails

While the IDX Academy makes every effort to assist attendees in understanding the subject matter and associated concepts, the course time is limited and therefore the IDX Academy cannot be held responsible for attendees that fail to cope with the material covered.

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