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Product Training

Learn more about your Anybus, Procentec or PI products and receive the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date information giving you the confidence to work with your product efficiently.

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Product Training Courses

Procentec Diagnostic and Permanent Monitoring Tools

Learn more about your PROFIBUS network. This course will teach
you how to permanently monitor your PROFIBUS network using
ComBricks and how to troubleshoot it using ProfiTrace.

Anybus Gateways and Communicators

This course focuses on setting up the sub-network side of the Anybus Communicator. The aim is to upskill users of the Anybus Communicator so that they can effectively use it for their specific applications.


PI Client (Basic and Advanced)

Learn about ProcessBook and Datalink in the basic training session. The advanced session consists of ProcessBook, Datalink, PI Vision, PI Asset Framework.

PI Asset Framework

This training session teaches you how to successfully model your processes and equipment using the PI Asset Framework (AF) Server.

PI System Manager

This course focuses on the server-side of the PI System, and it will provide a working knowledge of the tasks required to maintain a PI System and support the technical needs of its users.

Benefits of training with us


Increase efficiencies in processes


Troubleshoot problems faster


Improve cost of ownership


Uniformity of work processes


Reduce wastage


Increase productivity


Adopt new technologies


Expand new job satisfaction levels


Empower employees

Why study at the IDX Academy?

Established in 2001, the IDX Academy offers industrial Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training.

The IDX Academy develops and teaches accredited courses, which combine both the theoretical and practical skills required, to efficiently manage any industrial network.

In 2004, the Academy received its certification from PROFIBUS International (PI) becoming the first and only Certified PROFIBUS International Competence Centre (PICC) in Africa.

With the emergence of PROFINET, the IDX Academy extended its portfolio and became a Certified PROFINET International Competence Centre (PICC) in 2011.

The IDX Academy is Africas’s first, and still the only, PICC with the scale and portfolio to deliver comprehensive, integrated, and industry-leading industrial training solutions.

World-class Training Experience

We train the best to build the best. For over two decades, we have been delivering quality training, qualifying hundreds of skilled technicians and engineers all around Africa. Contact us for more information

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