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Certified PROFIBUS System Designer

Create PROFIBUS automation and control systems that help managers and designers make the correct decisions from the start of a project.

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Course Duration

This course is completed within four days. It includes a theoretical and practical aspect.

CPD Points

You will earn three CPD points upon successful completion of this course.



Receive an internationally recognised certificate after passing the exams.

Course Outline and Certification

The aim of this course is to cover the design of modern control systems that can be maintained and which minimise the impact of control systems and network failures that will inevitably occur during the lifetime of a plant.

Some of the topics that are discussed in this course include system design requirements, PROFIBUS network layout and design, PROFIBUS profiles, hazardous areas, high availability systems and redundancy, modern solutions for network monitoring and safety-related systems.

Minimise the footprint of failures in terms of restricting the extent of the effects of failures and also the time to locate and repair faults.

Case studies are utilised from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, process plant water treatment, materials handling and automated part sorting storage and retrieval.

Who should attend? Application engineers, system integrators, technical support/maintenance staff, project leaders, installers, suppliers, automation and control systems staff.


A Certified PROFIBUS Engineer qualification is required.

This is an intensive course and will be most beneficial if the attendee has practical working experience with PROFIBUS networks and systems.

Have a good command of the English language

Be able to understand and interpret technical ideas and systems

Understand the basics of communications and what it entails

While the IDX Academy makes every effort to assist attendees in understanding the subject matter and associated concepts, the course time is limited and therefore the IDX Academy cannot be held responsible for attendees that fail to cope with the material covered.

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