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A permanent monitoring tool that spots both external and internal threats

Procentec’s Security Licence tackles the everyday threat posed by unintentional and bad actors. It permanently monitors any planned or unplanned changes to your devices, giving your industrial network the extra layer of protection that it needs.

The First Line of Defence for Your Industrial Network

Keeping track of modifications to your physical assets is more important than ever. But if your industrial network security doesn’t extend much beyond a firewall, your devices are vulnerable. A firewall won’t protect your network from people who know how to go around it. Even if your network is air-gapped, you can’t safeguard it against authorised individuals who make an error.

But a tool that alerts you to unexpected, and potentially, critical changes to any of your assets? Now that’s an effective weapon in your cybersecurity arsenal.

Product Information

  • Notification Centre showing last 1,000 general and security notifications
  • User-friendly features, clear descriptions of events, and exportable activity logs
  • Permanent monitoring overview that’s accessible via the Osiris dashboard
  • Netmask checks to enable communication outside the Osiris monitoring range
  • Maintenance mode for devices under repair to avoid security errors
  • Quiet hours mode to flag events during weekends, holidays and in between shifts
  • Security wizard to manually perform four different types of ad hoc security checks

The practical benefits of the Security Licence are clear to see:

  • Unmasks outside and inside security threats, making it a dual-purpose solution for industrial networks that are air-gapped from or linked to the internet.
  • Utilises Procentec’s existing hardware and software, providing seamless integration and avoiding the need for extensive user training.
  • Triggers a security alarm whenever an unexpected or inappropriate network event takes place, giving you time to take corrective or evasive action.
  • Allows you to centrally monitor changes made to remote devices by field technicians, minimising the risk of network errors and unplanned downtime.
  • Assesses the probability of threats within your OT environment, exposing security vulnerabilities and helping you develop a security strategy.

Remember, internal and external breaches are on the rise. It’s up to you to stop them in their tracks.

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