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Protecting industrial networks from accidental or intentional changes

Network Compare is a built-in feature of Osiris, PROCENTEC’s powerful monitoring and diagnostics tool. It notifies you of sudden changes to your Ethernet-based network, like a lost device or the installation of different firmware.

You can create and delete snapshots via the settings mode and access the notification centre via a tile on the Osiris dashboard.

Monitor up to five types of deviation: new device, missing device, different firmware, different name, and different IP address.

An innovative tool that works by creating a snapshot of your network’s status at any given time. This gives you a baseline against which deviations are identified and reported, helping you identify in a timely manner unplanned, unauthorised, or undiscovered changes.

Network Compare is your first and foremost line of defense against accidental or intentional changes to your network. What’s more, it comes free with Osiris.

How Network Compare boosts your security measures

There are a number of ways our tool keeps your network secure and functioning:

  • Permanently monitors your network for any changes after you’ve created a snapshot of its status, providing an added layer of security.
  • Sends out a variety of alerts from the alarm notification centre whenever a change occurs, giving you time to act in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Creates an exportable log of all notifications with a date and time stamp, allowing you to trace all changes and share vital information with others.
  • Sends out alerts via notifications, email, relays, MQTT/OPC-UA, and traffic light warning system, giving you a choice in the way you’re alerted.
  • Configurable for new or missing devices, additional firmware, and different device names and IP addresses, helping you target vulnerable parts of your network.

Monitoring your network for internal and external threats – whether innocent or malicious – is now a whole lot easier.

Product Information

  • Clear and detailed snapshots of a monitored network’s status
  • Alarm configuration page to select which deviations you want monitored
  • Live-list of notifications, divided between general and security deviations
  • Options for users to receive desired alerts in multiple formats
  • Integrates easily with SCADA and other systems via OPC-UA and MQTT
  • Available across all Osiris platforms via the Dashboard

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