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Diagnostic Tools

Powerful and essential tools for the maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFIBUS networks. Find typical failures such as noise, reflections, voltage drops, termination problems, double addresses, wire breaks and configuration.

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Developed to gain on-demand, passive diagnostic information from multiple networks, PROCENTEC’s EtherMIRROR is a measuring point that can be installed on any Industrial Network running on PROFINET or Ethernet/IP.


The EtherTAP monitoring interface is the bridge to the Osiris functionality on PROCENTEC’s portable Mercury tablet and permanent Atlas module. Both devices run on Osiris to analyse the information feed from the EtherTAP.


The PROCENTEC Mercury is a robust tablet which features a new cross platform software package. This device is perfect for troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS networks.


Netilities generates a live list of the PROFINET/Ethernet network and spots the devices which are in Data Exchange. Statistics provide an overview of the network condition. A detailed report provides information about the reliability of the PROFINET network.


ProfiTrace is an essential tool for maintenance and troubleshooting and is currently the most powerful mobile analyser for PROFIBUS networks. This portable tool boosts the capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering technicians. 

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