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Automated Oscilloscope and Message Analyser

SNAP Analysis is a self-learning tool that interprets PROFIBUS diagnostic data gathered by ComBricks and suggests the most likely cause of any fault – a true time-saver and a great enabler of preventative maintenance.

The analysis is written using simple language and images, removing the need to interpret complicated oscilloscope images and messages yourself. In combination with built-in assistant Delphi, the user is presented with the best practice on how to handle the fault.

One dashboard for all devices

SNAP was designed to bring automatic predictive maintenance to monitored PROFIBUS networks:

The SNAP Analysis is triggered automatically when a variation of the MIN or MAX scope images or a diagnostic message is detected. In this way, the cause of the problem is provided in a matter of seconds when the issue appears on a running network.

When SNAP is activated, the SNAP status of the ComBricks overview page is provided via OPC-UA and MQTT, allowing a quick integration to SCADA systems, HMIs, and other supervision tools.

The following data is automatically interpreted:
•    PROFIBUS oscilloscope waveforms
•    PROFIBUS diagnostic messages

Product Information

  • A unique feature analysing and interpreting diagnostics data independently and automatically
  • Automated detection of PROFIBUS oscilloscope waveforms and diagnostics messages
  • Preventive maintenance by notification of changes or degradation on the network
  • Capable to monitor multiple ComBricks sets
  • SNAP status provided via OPC-UA and MQTT, allowing quick integration into SCADA systems

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