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A self-learning diagnostic platform that interprets data automatically

EtherCAT Diagnostics License for Osiris. Extract diagnostic information from EtherCAT controllers who expose diagnostic data via the EtherCAT Master Diagnostics interface.

Diagnostics interface.

By connecting to EtherCAT controller, Osiris can display:

  • Address
  • Name
  • Status
  • Invalid working counter
  • Invalid frame counter
  • AL control
  • AL status
  • AL status code

All the data is updated live and can provide valid support when troubleshooting and monitoring the status of an EtherCAT network. The EtherCAT page has Delphi text, helping the user understand the reported information.

EtherCAT Diagnostics requires a new license, please contact your sales representative for more information.

Product Information

  • Oscilloscope image and message interpreted automatically via SNAP Analysis
  • Name, address, status and invalid counters of connected EtherCAT devices displayed
  • Extended traffic light details and alarm center with customisable thresholds
  • Single overview of all Atlas units via the new Osiris Enterprise platform
  • Choice of topology icons for a meaningful illustration of a network’s configuration
  • Customisable report builder for focused reports, including topology snapshots
  • User notes with an author stamp to add info or warnings to devices for others

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