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Integrate Revolution Pi into an EtherNet/IP industrial network

It is not easy at all to integrate a device into an industrial network. Special protocols are often used for data transmissions, such as PROFINET or PROFIBUS. When using the gateways – called RevPi Gate – integrating Revolution Pi into an industrial network is however no problem.

Like all Revolution Pi expansion modules, the gateways are also connected to the base module RevPi Core via the overhead Pi Bridge connector. Thus, up to two gateway modules can be used per system.

The cyclic data exchange between the gateway and the central process image of the RevPi Core 3 takes place every 5 ms, regardless of the bus protocol and system configuration. Due to the required processing power, we recommend the use of gateways exclusively in conjunction with the Quad-Core equipped RevPi Core 3.

Product Information

Protocol EtherNet/IP
Master/Slave Slave
Bus connector 2 x RJ45
Max. baud rate 100 Mbit/s
I/O Data 480 Bytes IN/OUT
Item no. 100066

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