PI System Manager Training


Course duration: 5 days


This five-day course is designed for individuals who are tasked with maintaining the PI System. This class will concentrate on the server-side of the PI System, and it will provide you with a working knowledge of the tasks required to maintain a PI System and support the technical needs of its users. It covers the utilities provided with the PI System, as well as tag and system configuration. This class covers common management tasks, understanding the data flow, and troubleshooting procedures.




The student should be familiar with the following:
  • Basic Windows and Network security (why you log in, what is a domain, etc)

  • Basic directory navigation and management (using Windows Explorer, creating and finding files)

  • Some familiarity with your real-time data sources (control systems, PLCs, OPC)

Course Outline


  • Understanding Data Flow through the PI Server and the PI AF Server
  • The PI Interface Defined
  • PI Interface Configuration Utility
  • PI Point Attributes and Interfaces
  • Polling, Advise, and Event Points
  • Organising your PI Tags into PI System Assets
  • What is PI Buffering?
  • Explore the PI Server Directory Structure
  • What is the Event Queue
  • Common Tuning Parameters
  • Opening the Hood of the PI AF Server
  • Safeguard Your Data
  • Securing the PI System Environment
  • Monitor Your PI System
  • A Word About PI Server and PI AF Server Collectives
  • Final Challenge - Building a PI System




We limit training groups to a maximum of 8 people. Training will only take place if 4 or more people have booked.


This course is delivered on-site.



  • Training facilities with 1 PC per delegate

  • Relevant OSIsoft PI and MS Excel software loaded