PI Asset Framework Training


Course duration: 4 days

Learn the skills needed to successfully model your processes and equipment using the PI Asset Framework (AF) Server. This course discusses the methodologies needed to build representations of assets (AF Elements) and their associated data (AF Attributes). This course also includes real-time calculations (Asset Analytics), Automatic creation of Events (Event Frames) and E-mail notifications configuration (PI Notifications).


You will start with a (nearly) empty AF Database, and build the AF structure for multiple sites across your enterprise, with each site having increasing complexity. Along the way, we will see the consequences of our design choices on visualisation in PI Vision and make improvements to our AF deployment. By the end of the instructor-led portion of the lab (Part 1), you will have had a chance to see how your AF design choices affect your display options in PI Vision. If you continue onto Part 2, you will see several best practices in play, improved PI Vision displays, and the fourth and final site will be built by having AF create and configure the tags on the Data Archive for you.

Course Outline


  • Why Create a Hands-on Lab about Deploying AF?
  • Introduction to Your Enterprise
  • Using Substitution Parameters and Template Inheritance
  • Building Your First Element
  • Building Your First Site
  • Expanding to a New Site with Different Naming Conventions
  • Creating the Site Template
  • Building Tag Names
  • Configuring a Tag to Reference Another Attribute


PI Vision Part 1: Visualising our AF Hierarchy


  • Optimising our AF Templates

  • Site Name and Well Name as Attributes

  • Using Categories

  • Enumeration Sets

  • Limits


PI Vision Part 2: Improving Visualisation with Optimised Templates


  • Limits and Enumeration Sets Exercises

  • Expanding to a Site with No Tag Naming Conventions

  • Creating Tags via AF


PI Vision Part 3: Optimising Asset Swapping


  • Solutions to Exercises



We limit training groups to a maximum of 8 people. Training will only take place if 4 or more people have booked.


This course is delivered on-site.



  • Training facilities with 1 PC per delegate

  • Relevant OSIsoft PI and MS Excel software loaded