Anybus Communicator Training


Course duration: 1 day


The Anybus Communicator is a gateway that connects automation devices via their serial interface to Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet. It is optimised for automation devices with a Modbus - RTU interface but has the flexibility to do much more. IDX Academy offers training for Anybus Communicators free of charge. 

This course focuses on setting up the sub-network side of the Anybus Communicator. The aim is to upskill users of the Anybus Communicator so that they can effectively use it for their specific applications.

All scheduled courses are free and participants are encouraged to bring their equipment that they would like to familiarise themselves with. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance once the course has been completed.


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Course Outline


  • Product overview

  • Programming the Anybus Communicator (Setup and configure the Anybus Communicator)

  • Basic operations (How the Anybus Communicator functions)

  • Modbus Overview

  • Physical transmission medium – RS232 / RS485 / RS422

  • Modbus transactions

  • Communicator Configuration

  • Configuring an ABC (e.g. How to read holding registers, examples and practicals)

  • Users get to setup and configure the Anybus Communicator


Reading the information from the Fieldbus (PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP...) is usually a simple task of reading the correct registers (memory areas).



We limit training groups to a maximum of 8 people. Training will only take place if more than 4 people have booked.



The Johannesburg based course will be run from the IDX offices in Fourways.