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The IDX Academy, based in Johannesburg South Africa, originally came into being just over 15 years ago when it became clear that there was a compelling need for training and support for PROFIBUS in South Africa, Southern Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.


The IDX Academy received its certification from PROFIBUS International (PI) to become the first, and only, Certified PROFIBUS International Competence Centre (PICC) on the continent of Africa in 2005.  Later, with the emergence of PROFINET, the IDX Academy extended its PI Certification to include PROFINET and to become a Certified PROFINET International Competence Centre (PICC) as well.


Subsequently, we have expanded the IDX Academy's training offering to include other protocol training as well as product training.


As a Certified PROFIBUS International Training (PITC), we offer four PROFIBUS International certified courses:



Also as a Certified PROFINET International Training (PITC) we offer the following PROFINET International certified course:


As mentioned previously the IDX Academy has expanded beyond just PROFIBUS and PROFINET to offer a wide range of training courses on many other industrial fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet protocols such as ASi, CANbus, and MODBUS.



Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet Protocol Training


AS-Interface Training
CAN Training
MODBUS Training


The IDX Academy also provides training on the various products we distribute (e.g. Anybus, PROCENTEC) and provides training related OSIsoft PI.


Product Training


ProfiTrace Training
OSIsoft PI Training

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