Serial Gateways

Connect serial devices to your industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus networks. Serial protocols include Modbus, ASCII, DF1 and any other produce consume based protocols



Serial to CANopen

Connects serial devices to CANopen networks

  • Max 512 bytes input & output data
  • Customisable PDO mapping
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to CC-Link

Connects serial devices to a CC-Link network

  • Max 368 bytes input & output data
  • CC-Link slave Version 1 & 2 functionality
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to CC-Link IE

Connects serial devices to CC-Link IE networks

  • Max 512 bytes input & output data
  • Network Intelligent Device Station
  • DIN-rail mountable



Serial to ControlNet

Connects serial devices to ControlNet networks

  • Max 450 bytes input & output data
  • Supports Polled & Bitstrobed
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to DeviceNet

Connects serial devices to DeviceNet networks

  • Max 512 bytes input & output data
  • Supports I/O Slave messaging
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to EtherCAT

Connects serial devices to EtherCAT networks

  • Max 512 bytes input & output data
  • Supports CANopen over EtherCAT
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to Ethernet/IP

Connects serial devices to your Ethernet/IP networks

  • Max 509 bytes input & 505 bytes output data
  • EtherNet/IP Adapter Level 2 & Level 3 I/O Server CIP
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to FIPIO

Connects serial devices to your FIPIO networks

  • Max 64 bytes (32 words) input and output data
  • Complete FIPIO functionality according to EN 50170
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to Interbus

Connects serial devices to your Interbus networks

  • Max 20 bytes Process data in each direction (512B with PCP)
  • Automatic slave address detection by controlling PLC Master
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to Lonworks

Connects serial devices to Lonworks networks

  • Max 256 input & output Network Variables
  • Includes LW Config Software Tool for Lonworks network setup
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to Modbus Plus

Connects serial devices to Modbus Plus networks

  • Up to 32 words of global (cyclic I/O) data in each direction
  • Point-to-point parameter data (< 125 words)
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to Modbus RTU

Connects serial devices to Modbus RTU networks

  • Max 512 bytes of  input data & output data
  • Coil & register access with complete RTU Slave Functionality
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to ModbusTCP

Connects serial devices to Modbus TCP networks

  • Max 512 bytes input & output data
  • Duel RJ-45 ports with integrated switch function
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to PROFIBUS

Connects serial devices to PROFIBUS networks

  • Max 244 bytes input & output data
  • Supports: Auto baud rate, Sync & Freeze mode
  • DIN-rail mountable


Serial to PROFINET

Connects serial devices to PROFINET networks

  • Max 512 bytes input & output data
  • Both PROFINET -IO RT & PROFINET IRT (2.3) available
  • DIN-rail mountable