Engineering and diagnostic tools for your PROFINET network



An effective tool for the permanent monitoring and analysis of Industrial Ethernet Networks
Remote monitoring of your installation
Topology Scan
Network overview

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A portable troubleshooting device to help you gain quick insights into your PROFIBUS and IE networks
Portable tablet with integrated Ethernet
Network Topology
Oscilloscope - Scopeware

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Windows based software to support you with PROFINET engineering and troubleshooting tasks
Real time network statistics scan
Integrated SNMP server
Detailed test records

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ProfiTAP allows you to 'tap' into your industrial Ethernet network with little risk to real time communications
1Gbps Ethernet
Compatible with Wireshark and Netilities
Windows, MAC, Linux

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TAP Curious

The perfect tool for monitoring, fault finding and analysing real-time industrial Ethernet network
Delay, jitter and CRC faults recorded
1ns time stamp
Wireshark plugin included

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