Installation tester for CAN Networks 



CANcheck is a tool designed for installers and system integrators, that allows the checking and analysis of CAN networks during commisioning.


Operated by a set if simple curser key controls and a backlit LCD display, alternatively a PC can be connected directly to the testing tool.



Line test

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Busload and timing analysis

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Error Message Detection

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Features and Benefits:

  • Cable test with network switched off and operational test with network switched on
  • Wiring test: test of the resistances between all pins of the CAN-connector (assignment in accordance with CiA), providing assessment based on pre-defined threshold values
  • Terminal resistance test: measurement of the resistance between CAN_H and CAN_L
  • Cable length: measurement of cable length via pulse-time delay, cable impedance
  • Measurement of the signal level: absolute and differential signal level listed according to identifier
  • Baud rate detection: detection of baud rate of the tested CAN system
  • Identifier scan: determination of all identifiers transmitted and display of reception frequency
  • CANopen mode: Signal level and reception frequency listed according to node-ID
  • Bus load: measurement of the current bus load of the CAN system
  • Error frames: number of error frames per time unit
  • User’s guide: test instructions before the test, OK or error message after the test, continuation after acknowledgement


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