Mercury for EtherNet/IP


Portable tablet-based Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics Toolkit for Ethernet/IP


Mercury is a robust tablet-based engineering tool, designed to troubleshoot, maintain and commission Industrial Communication networks.



Mercury currently supports Industrial Ethernet including the following protocols Ethernet/IP, PROFINET & Modbus TCP and the Industrial Fieldbus PROFIBUS.

Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics

Once connected into the network, the Mercury creates a clear topology and detailed view of all devices connected in the network. Useful data is collected from all the devices on the network that will give you insight into the current device state and health. The Software will then create a "Health Analysis" of the entire network.

PROFIBUS Diagnostics

When utilised in conjunction with a ProfiCore 2, the unit is fully capable of testing and analysing PROFIBUS Networks. The included modules for PROFIBUS testing include:

  • Bus monitor for DP and PA with powerful statistics

  • Oscilloscope

  • Topology scan

  • Bar graph

  • Reporting

  • Traffic light feature


 The kit is designed for:

  ✔ Installation & Commissioning
  ✔ Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  ✔ PROFIBUS device development and testing

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