PROFIBUS Network Components


IDX has a range of PROFIBUS Network Components available from Active Terminators, Connectors (90°,45° & 180°), Single Channel and Multi-Channel Repeaters to Fibre Modules.


Active Terminators

Active Terminators

Active Terminators enable you to switch off or remove the last devices on a segment without disturbing the bus communication. This way you reduce the risk of faults and thus potential downtime.



PROFIBUS Connectors
We supply 90°, 45° & 180° PROFIBUS Connectors and similar components.  The PROFIBUS Connectors come with or without diagnostic LEDs. The 90° & 45° plugs also have an option to have piggyback sockets which allow PROFIBUS analysers like ProfiTrace to connect into the network easily.


Repeaters & Fibre Modules

>Repeaters & Hubs
Single & Multichannel Repeaters available with fibre and diagnostics options. Multichannel repeaters (also called Hubs) allow you to segment "noisy" VSDs from the rest of your network.  Hubs and repeaters allow different network topologies.

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