IDX ifm VSE Gateway


Real-time vibration monitoring data from the ifm VSE diagnostic device 



Powered by IDX Suite 8, make your VSE data available via a variety of standard industrial data protocls and/or interfaces.


MODBUS TCP Master/Slave | MODBUS RTU Master/Slave | OPC DA Client/Server



The Gateway has been specifically designed to work with the ifm VSE002 and VSE100 monitoring devices, and collects data from up to 10 VSE devices via Ethernet.




Supported ifm VSE Devices Up to 10 ifm VSE002 and/or VSE100 devices
Supported Gateway Interfaces MODBUS TCP Master/Slave, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave. OPC DA Client/Server, other Ethernet or RS-232/485 interfaces available on request.
Physical Interface options 2 x Ethernet 1Gbps, 4 x RS-232/ 422/485. Multiple interfaces can be used simultaneously (6 x isolated interface version also available)
 VSE Vibration Monitoring Data Available 32 Counter Values
24 Object Level Values, Flags, Level Warning, Level Damage, Emphasised Result, Hysteresis Warning, Hysteresis Damage, RPM Value
24 RPM Object Values
2 Auxiliary Input Value
2 Auxiliary Input Flags
1 Digital Input/output Flags
1 Auxiliary Output Value
1 Auxiliary Output Flags
1 Auxiliary Mapped Object Value
84 Sub Object Values, Flags, Option Value, RPM Value
No item/tag limits or licenses required.
VSE Configuration/Meta data Connected VSE device configuration can be obtained from VSE device and exported to text file through IDX Management Console
 IDX Gateway Configuration Preconfigured to expose all available VSE data items. Additional configuration is performed using the IDX Management Console Windows tool (connection via Ethernet).
 Dimensions (WxDxH) 48 x 110 x 155mm
Power requirements 12-24V DC, 18W
Operating Temperature -20 to +70 C ambient
Mounting DIN rail


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