IDX Suite 8


Your software solution for protocol conversion, historical data logging & data visualisation



Exchange realtime data between any of these field level or enterprise protocols and technologies


TCP/IP Client | TCP/IP Server | SQL Server |  Ethernet/IP Adapater | MODBUS IP Master | MODBUS IP Slave | MODBUS Serial Master | MODBUS Serial Slave | PROFIBUS Master | PROFIBUS Slave | StarNET ESP Controller | StarNET ESP Tributary | StarNET HDLC Master | StarNet HDLC Slave | OPC DA Client | OPC DA Server | MQTT Subscriber | MQTT Publisher | AMQP



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Store your historical data in the IDX Historian and make it available in the cloud


IDX-8 Connectivity Software Suite, paired with our very own Data Historian, is a powerful data processing, trending and analysis tool. With advanced tag-management, intuitive analytics and configuration you can ensure your plant's data is leveraged and utilised to its full potential. 


IDX-8 Suite is a multi-connector data software, allowing you to exchange real-time data between most protocols, devices, ERP systems and commercial cloud service platforms.


Visualise and trend your data





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