IDX Nexus


Data harvesting and monitoring for heavy duty machinery  



Make use of the un-harvested data contained within your equipment.



Powered by IDX Suite 8 its modular design for both hardware and software allow for extremely flexible monitoring of your data.



Processor 400MHz 32-bit ARM9

    System Platform
.Net Micro Framework (C# code base)

    Physical Interface
Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi & 3G(modules), SSL, Slotsx6, GPIOx4, 12C, SPI, USBx2, Canx2 slots

    Native LCD Controller

    Memory Cards
(microSD + USB)

    Power Consumption and Supply
15W (max dependant on peripherals), 9-36V DC (Isolated Power Supply)

125x165x55mm (WxDxH)

    Real time clock & In-Field Update

    Operating Temperature
-40DegC to +85DegC

DIN rail/Bracket Mountable


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