PROFIBUS Network Audits


It is a fact that more than 90% of PROFIBUS faults are caused by installation errors. Yet far too often, external parties install systems, and the end-user suffers from the problematic network.
Because PROFIBUS is quite resilient, many installation problems only show up after several months or years of use. So how can you guarantee that your contractors have done a good job? Make the contract subject to a Certification Inspection by a Certified PROFIBUS Engineer through the PROFIBUS Competence Centre!

Why conduct an audit?


A comprehensive network audit will give an insight into all the problem areas within your PROFIBUS system. A scheduled network audit is an extremely effective way of preventing breakdowns and downtime occurring, unnecessarily costing industry inordinate amounts each day. If you have a network audit carried out, this will ensure that your network gets back to the correct level of quality.
The PCCs network audit gives an insight into the current state of your network. Our experts make an on-site analysis of your PROFIBUS systems and provide valuable feedback to ensure you are taking a proactive approach to your system sustainability.

Benefits of completing an audit


•  Reduction in downtime and the associated lost production and costs
•  Receive detail on network EMC interference, risk, and corrective action
•  A detailed report issued with specific recommendations
•  A proactive approach to ensuring your network is resilient against any interference
•  Ensure contractor installations meet Profibus International guidelines
•  Receive detailed information on network design and expansion

Supported Technologies


•  AS Interface
•  Modbus RTU / TCP
•  CAN (CANopen, J1939)
•  Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet
•  OPC
•  Foundation Fieldbus
•  CC-Link

How often should an audit be conducted?


Our recommendation is that an annual audit is conducted on each of your PROFIBUS networks. In addition, any planned network changes (expansion, reduction, re-routing) should be subjected to an audit being conducted before and after any changes to ensure that the health of your PROFIBUS network is not compromised in any way.
The PCC (PROFIBUS / PROFINET Competence Centre) is driven by the IDX Academy. The center offers the following services in-line with the maintenance and adoption of PROFIBUS on the African continent:
• Certified technical training
• Email, telephonic and web support
• Network audits and troubleshooting services
•  Up-to-date database for service suppliers, users, and common problems

External Audits - Analysis completed by IDX


One of our Competent PROFIBUS Engineers can evaluate each element of your installation, ensuring all parts comply with the latest PROFIBUS installation requirements. On completion of the system evaluation, an audit report with all recommendations and fixes completed will be issued by the PCC. Should the installation be found to fully meet the requirements a report of compliance will be issued from the Competence Centre.


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Internal Audits - Analysis completed by your company


The purpose of internal auditing is to provide independent assurance that risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. Gain an understanding of how to conduct an internal audit. Learn the audit conventions for efficiently preparing, performing, reporting, and following-up. We will teach you the best practices so that you or an employee can complete an audit.


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