There are some situations where no matter your level of training, a problem is just a little too elusive. In such a situation, it's time to call on those who eat, speak and dream industrial communication protocols.
Our elite support engineers are the people to call, they have the necessary tools, knowledge and site experience to sort out your issues as quickly possible.


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Onsite Troubleshooting and Support


We can solve a wide range of faults immediately. This prevents long-term downtime, severe losses and ensures the continuity of your network. Our PROFIBUS experts are at your disposal to get your network up and running as quickly as possible. 
At IDX, we have a professional team of enthusiastic and qualified support engineers with many years of experience in the field. They are specialised in repairing complicated PROFIBUS breakdowns at various types of facilities, industries, and plants. Our experts have all the right knowledge and tools for repairing the breakdown directly on-site.


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