Industrial IT & IIoT Consulting


Looking for a strategic partner to assess your Industrial IT & IIoT landscape and provide you with sound, practical, honest advice around new trends such as Industry 4.0, IO-Link and IIoT?  Look no further than IDX, we have worked closely with major multinationals over the years and provided them with sage advice. 


IDX has been helping its clients with their Industrial IT landscape for nearly two decades.  We have developed solutions such as IDX Suite and IDX Nexus to aid our clients with having stable reliable industrial data communications at their various Industrial IT layers.


IDX can help you with Industrial IT Consulting in the following areas:


  • IoT / IIoT / Industry 4.0

  • MIS / MES Architecture Best Practice

  • Fieldbus & Industrial Network Reliability

  • OPC & OPC UA

  • Configuration Management

  • Data Migration

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