Data Migration


Looking to change your site's data historian and want to keep your valuable history? Let IDX migrate your data. If you don’t have a site historian then consider our IDX Data Historian.


IDX can provide data migration between various data historians ( AspenTech IP21, Emerson DeltaV, Honeywell PhD, OSIsoft PI, Wonderware eDNA, Wonderware InSQL) and other systems (LIMS, Weighbridge, Metal Accounting, SQL, Cloud) as a service. 

IDX has migrated historical data between the following systems
(including the renaming of tags and conversion of data types where necessary):


  • Wonderware InSQL to OSIsoft PI and OSIsoft PI to WonderWare in SQL

  • Excel Reports (Manual Data) to OSIsoft PI and WonderWare in SQL

  • CSV Files to OSIsoft PI and WonderWare in SQL

  • LIMS Systems to OSIsoft PI & WonderWare in SQL

  • Metal Accounting Systems to OSIsoft PI & WonderWare in SQL

  • IDX can also migrate your data to our own IDX Data Historian

Need your valuable data migrated to a new enterprise data historian or looking to leverage our cost-effective data historian?

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